Unit 2 Vocab Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
thin and bonyguant
very obvious, often offensibely soblatant
to plan cleverly; think upcontrive
something that weakens, damages, or destroysblight
to feel or express delight or self-satisfaction, often spitefullygloat
to mix up or confuse (as a story or message); scramblegarble
an uneasy feeling about how right or proper a particular action is qualm
using someone elses writings or ideas as ones ownplagiarism
to return an injury for an injury; pay backretaliate
perfectly cleanimmaculate

Section 2

Question Answer
to seize with authority; legally take possession of confiscate
happening or existing at the same time; simutaneousconcurrent
to make up; be the parts of consitute
most common or most noticeable predominant
to fail to do something requireddefualt
something required beforehandprerequisite
suppose for the sake of argument or examination; imaginary; theoreticalhypothertical
a temporary decline in businessression
slight; very small compared with what might be expectednominal
to interpret or read (something confusing or hard to make out)decipher

Section 3

Question Answer
to send to a specific place or on a specific businessditpatch
a mystery or puzzleenigma
to make a statement about something on the basis of personal experience; bear witness; testifyattest
to be an example of; represent; be typical of exemplify
a quality or feature of a person or thing attribute
moving or able to move from place to placemobile
to improve; add to the strength, beauty, or value of somethingenhance
to recongize; detect discern
to dtermine ones location or direction; to locate in relation to a directionorient
of, about, or happening in the night; active at nightnocturnal
shocking obvious; outrageouflagrant
to take the risk of; dareventure
including all or muchcomprehensive
to restore to a normal life through therapy or educationrehabilitate
to continue with an effort or plan despite difficultiespersevere
complete confusion; uproarturmoil
an event bringing great loss and miserycalamity
to very irregulary; to go up and down or back and forthfluctuate
to consider carefully; think deeply aboutponder
customary; ordinaryconventional

Section 4

Question Answer
to worsen ; deterioratedegenerate
close inspection; careful examinationscrutiny
evil; wickedsinister
unable to speak in an orderly, logical wayincoherent
to be good enoughsuffice
having many parts arranged in a complicated way; complexintricate
open to damage or attack; suseptiable vulnerable
difficult to believe; unlikelyimplasible
a place of safety, protection, or reliefsanctuary
to make a request or plead on behalf of someone elseintercede