Unit 2 vocab quiz

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Question Answer
biblethe book
deuterocanicalsbooks that come from septuagint
aprocryphaNOT part of the 45 books
gospelgood news
actsspreading good news
epistlesletter to church community
book of revelationbook of prophecy, end of time, battle of good and evil
catechismteaching of catholic church, catholic textbook
septuagentgreek translation of the Old testament
codexvery first catholic bible, complete bible
vulgatefirst latin bible
douay rhiemsfirst catholic english bible
king jamesfirst protestant bible (english)
martin lutherfirst protestant reformer
predestinationgod determintes if u go to heaven or hell
sola scripturascripture only, believe only if it is in bible
torahhebrew, first five books (law of moses)
exodusexiting egypt after slavery
leviticusworships/where u find the law - priestly instructions
numbers40 years in desert. two censuses. ppl that follow moses
deuteronomyfarewell speech
penteteuchcatholic greek name for first FIVE boooks
anno dominiyear of our lord
trinityfather son and holy spirit
incarnationgod in human flesh
pascal mysterysuffering death and resurrection of jesus
catholic universal
resurection jesus rising from dead
pentecost50 days after the resurrection. birth of catholic church
apostlesomeone jesus taught, messenger
disciplesfollower of jesus
evangelistmatthew mark luke and john
matthewwritten in Hebrew
markmemories of peter in rome
lukefocused on poor
johnfocued on jesus' symbols
gentillenot a jew

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