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virtuea habit and stable deposition of an individual which governs our actions, orders passions and guide our conduct under reason faith to achieve justice
cardinal virtuegood habits that we can acquire by human effort; hinge virtues that enable us to live moral lives.
theological virtuegod given powers that direct us to loving our god
covenantan open ended contract of love between god and his people. involves promises and duty to be faithful to the promises
migrantsomeone who moves within the country or between nations to search for work
globalizationthe process of the world's goods, communications, and people are more fully integrated, accessible and interdependent.
refugeea person who leaves their country for fear of religious, racial , ethnic, political, or other forms of persecution
immigrantperson who leaves a country to have permanent residence in another

3 cardinal virtues

Question Answer
Prudencegood common sense. human reason married to truth. helps one to discover the good in every situation and the right ways of achieving good. SOMEONE WHO is prudent always seeks the most loving and just thing to do in a given circumstance.
Temperance controls attraction to pleasure. provides balance when using created goods. enables us to control our appetites for these goods and use them how god wants us too
Fortitudegives one strength + courage to deal with temptations, difficulties and dangers in doing what is right and true. It is spiritual “intestinal courage” to do what is right, helping us conquer fear, even of death, defending a just cause

3 theological virtues

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Faith empowers us to believe in God and all that God had said and revealed to us + including what the church teaches because God is truth itself. Faith is a gift from God that we must keep, live, profess and spread.
Hope helps us desire heaven and eternal happiness, trusting in Christ’s promises and relying not on your own efforts but on the help and graces of the Holy Spirit. Hope gives us the strength to carry on as we help to Lord to reach salvation
Charityto love god above all else and help others in the commmunity

4 types of justice

Question Answer
commutativewhen there is equal exchange between 2 people or more. t calls for fairness in agreements and exchanges between individuals or private social groups. It requires that we respect the equal human dignity of everyone in our economic transactions, contracts or promises. (having a job)
distributiveguarantees the common welfare. It involves sharing. Sees to the just distribution of the goods of creation that God intends for us all to use and share.
legalwhat society owes to the government. Required that citizens obey the laws of society. May also require that a citizen serve the government.
socialdemands that everyone has a right to fair say in the social, political and economic institutions of society.

what does the bible church teach about justice

Question Answer
1.people have the right to find opportunity in their homelandmeaningful work can provide a just living wage a basic human needs
2.people have the right to migrate to support themselves + their familiesgoods of the earth belong to all ppl when they cant find work in their own countries, they have right to find work somewhere else in order to provide
3.Sovereign nations have the right to control their borders: church rejects such control when it is exerted merely to gain additional wealth. Nations with a more powerful economy have a stronger obligation to help migrants.
4.refugees and asylum seekersshould be afforded protection
5.Human dignity and human rights of undocumented migrant should be respectedall persons possess basic human dignity with rights; governments should protect the rights of migrants and not subject them to harsh treatment.

rerum novarum

Question Answer
who created the rerum novarum, what the church says about workerspope leo xiii (1891)
what was it inspired bysocialism, marxism, capitalism
the rerum novarum criticized capitalism becauseof the workers who were treated poorly.
created cooperation between classesworking class vs upper class treatment was equal
dignity of workreasonable hours, given days off
a just wagegiving those the right to unionize
role of statebalance between right and left wing
private ownership of propertyall people can own property but it has to be fair
defense of the poorprotect them and treat them as everyone else should be treated

migrant workers

Question Answer
comes to canada to workusually from poor southern countries
they are granted workers visasusually lasts 8 months
the jobs are very hard and horribleusually paid 8/hour
what problems do they faceunequal pay, lost time due to workplace injury, cultural barriers, dangerous working conditions, isolation, not able to unionize.
rate of pay is better in canadathan it is in the workers home countries
if the workers get sick/injured and need time offthey are just sent home

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