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Section 1

Question Answer
Behind the scenes Adv phr, if something happens behind the scenes, it happens without most people knowing about it, especially when something else is happening publicly; ZA SCENA/ZA PLECAMI (coś się dzieje poza oczami)
BoomV, to experience an increase in economic activity, interest or growith; WZORST (np baby...)
Broaden the potential V phr, to increase the ability of something to develop, achieve or succeed; POSZERZENIE POTENCJAŁU W CELU OSIĄGNIĘCIA SUKCESU
Cater toPhr v, to try to satisfy a need; ZASPOKOIĆ POTRZEBĘ
CircumstantialAdj, happening because of a particular situation; SZCZEGÓŁOWY, OKOLICZNOŚCIOWY
ClearV, to give official permission for situation; OCZYSCIC (Z ZARZUTÓW)
Collaboration N, the act of working together with other people or organizations to create or achieve something; WSPÓŁPRACA

Section 2

Question Answer
Counter-intuitive adviceN phr, an opinion which someone offer you about what you could do in a particular situation which is not what you expect;
Cut off a conversationV phr, to stop a conversation suddenly;
DelegateN, a person who is chosen or elected by a group to speak or vote for it, especially at a meeting;
EstimateN, a statement for a possible customer about how much a piece of work should cost;
Financial implicationN phr, the effect that an action or decision relating to money will have on something or someone;
In due courseaAdv phr, at a suitable time in the future;
Industry peer N phr, a person who has a similar job to other people involved in one type of business;