Unit 11

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Section 1

Question Answer
at current exchange ratesn phr, at the rate at which the money of one country can be changed for the money of another country at the present time
award a contractv phr, to have a formal agreement with a company for them to provide a service or do a job
commissionv, to ask someone to do a particular piece of work for you
course of actionn phr, the way something happens, or a way of doing something
cross-fertilisation of ideasn phr, the mixing of the ideas of different places or gropus of people, to make it better for all
cutting edge technologyn phr, the practica, especially industrial, use of all the latest scientific discoveries

Section 2

Question Answer
divisional headn, a person who is in charge of one part of a large organisation
enjoy a reputationv phr, to have an advantage because people have a good opinion of someone or something
entityn, something which exists apart from other things, having its own independent existence
get downv phr, to start to direct your efforts and attention towards something
get ontophr v, to speak or write to a person or organisation because you want them to help you in some way
ground-breakingadj, new and likely to have an effect on how things are done in the future

Section 3

Question Answer
head upphr v, to lead or manage a team, department, organisation, etc
infrastructuren, the basic systems and services that are needed in order to support an economy, for example, transport and communication systems and electricity and water supplies
interested partyn phr, any people or organisations who may be affected bya situation, or who are hoping to make money out of a situation
leasen, an agreement to pay money in order to use land, a building, a vehicle or a piece of equipment for a particular period of time
on a world scaleadv phr, used to measure or compare the level of something around the world
purpose-built facility n phr, a building or area that is designed and built for a particular use

Section 4

Question Answer
R&D facilityn phr, a building or area for research and development (= the part of an organisation that works to improve its products and develop new ones, or the activity of doing this)
rank highestv phr, to have a position that is higher than others, or to be considered to have such a position
run a growing operationv phr, be in control of or manage a business organisation that is getting bigger
step across the thresholdv phr, formal, to go into a building or room
tax questionn phr, a sentence or phrase used to find out information about money paid to the government
too many strings attachedn phr, if something such as an agreement has too many strings attached, it involves too large a number of special demands or limits
viable alternativen phr, something that is different from somethingelse, especially from what is usual, but is able to be done or likely to succed