Unit 1 Vocab

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Graceis spiritual inspiration given by god to help humanity
mysticismis communication or union with god through inward prayer
meditationa form of inward prayer often associated with mystics
humanismbelief in good of humanity. no belief in god or after life. committed to on going inprovement
sacredmeans holy or special and should be given respect
secularbeliefs rooted in the common society independent of religion
culturecombination of groups language religion beliefs values food dress
toleranceacceptance of cultures diff from what someone is used to
pluralismseeks to respect and promote the differences in society
mythnon historical non rational source of sacred truths. provide meaning to difficult questions and often passed down from generation to generation. danger in declaringa myth a historical fact bc purposefully exaggerated to express concept. some myths have roots in hist facts
parableshort story told by jesus in order to express a truth. sim to myths but differ bc they do not include hist info as part of the story
salvationto save or deliver from shortcomings of human condition
thiestsomeone who believes in god
athiestsomeone who does not believe in god
agnosticsomeone who neither believes nor denies the existence of god but is confused and needs more proof
animismbelief that all objects both living/non living posses a soul or supernatural powers
monism U SHOULD KNOW THIS belief in a single element that governs reality ex; Buddhism
monotheisticbelief in one god christian judaism and islam
polytheisticbelief in many gods ex: Hindu

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