Unit 1 Vocab Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
not giving in; stubbornadamant
lacking a moral sense; without principlesamoral
differing from what is customary; oddeccentric
to find innocent or blamelessabsolve
a brief or an un expected meetingencounter
a perfect or typical exampleepitome
an opponent; one who opposes or competesantagonist
bitter hostilityanimosity
to make evil and often untrue statements about: speak evil of malign
good-natured; friendly and pleasant amiable

Section 2

Question Answer
a tendency, or preference, to think, act, or behave in a certain way; a learninginclination
rudely brief when speaking to someone; abruptcurt
cautious; on gaurdwary
to reply, especially in a quick, sharp, or witty wayretort
to lower the spirits of; weaken the confidence or cheerfulness of demoralize
a situation requiring a difficult choicedilemma
following, in time or order; next; latersusequent
enthusiastic devotion; intense enthusiasmzeal
to deliberately destroy or damagesabotage
very angryirate

Section 3

Question Answer
to draw forthelicit
to stop; bring to an endterminate
orderly; systematicmethodical
close; near (to something)adjacent
able to be touched; having form and mattertangible
no longer active or in use; out of dateobsolete
to increase or intensify escalate
great praise or applause; enthusiastic approvalacclaim
to hold the full attention of; absorbengross
to use selfishly or unethically; take unfair advantage of exploit

Section 4

Question Answer
injustice; unfairness; an instance of injusticeinequality
a new custom, method, or inventions; something newly introducedinnovation
based on personal feelings, and attitudes; not objectivesubjective
something that discourages or prevents a certain actiondeterrent
expressed clearly in a few words; to the point; concisesuccint
to renew the strength and energy of; restore to a vigorous, active conditionrevitalize
a physical weakness or defect; ailmentinfirmity
distributed thinly; not thick or crowdedsparce
to intrude or tespass on; to go beyond the limits considered properinfringe
an idea that is communicated indirectly, through a suggestion or hintimplication

Section 5

Question Answer
determined by personal judgment, not rule or reason; based on impulsearbitrary
motivated only by financial gain; greedymercenary
an indirect reference allusion
a group of symptoms typical of a particular disease or condition syndrome
a mild or vague term used as a substitue for one considered offensive or unpleasanteuphemism
to calm, especially by giving in to the demands of appease
lacking originality; overused; commonplace banal
to stain the honor of someone or somethingtaint
to attack physically or verballyassail
unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others; unselfishaltruistic

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