Unit 1 Ancient Civs

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Which geographic factor likely contributed to the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution?Climate change. The weather got warmer.
,lo,l,l,l,lSettled in one area.
Why is the government of Ancient Egypt considered a theocracy?The government is ruled by religion. Pharaoh = "god-king"
What was the lasting impact of Hammurabi's Code of law?It was the first: -unified -written -consistent -predictable
How are the origins of Hinduism and Buddhism similar?They both originated in India.
Which change to human societies resulted from Neolithic Revolution?Civilization -Technology -Form of trade -Government -Social Classes
Which scientific achievement is attributed to the Chinese River Valley Civilizations?-Coined Money -Confucius -Bronze -Silk -Great Wall of China -Iron workings
Which ancient civilization developed an early writing system that used cuneiform script on wet clay tablets?-Ancient Mesopotamia -Sumerians
Which ancient civilization was the first to use city planning and sewer systems?Ancient India
Which object is the primary goal of Confucianism? To restore order through a human behavior
Why were early Indus River Valley settlements sometimes forced to change location?Flooding caused by change in course of the Indus River
Why was Egypt called the "Gift of the Nile"?Egypt was dependent on the Nile. (Irrigation, fishing, drinking water, etc.)
How did the transition to farming influence the development of government?Organization
What is characterized by a family maintaining power for many generations?A Dynasty
What's the difference between Physical and Human factors?Physical factors are nature derived and human factors are results from human impact.
What is Ancient India also called?Indus River Valley
What's a group of people that lived in Ancient Mesopotamia?Sumerians

Some Key Definitions

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What is diffusion?Spread of culture
What is an Archaeologist?Someone who studies human activity using artifacts
What is a Historian?Someone who studies the past using written history
What is an Anthropologist?Someone who studies human culture


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Between what two rivers is Ancient China located?Huang He and Yellow River Valley
What river flows through Ancient Egypt?The Nile
Between what two rivers is Ancient Mesopotamia?The Tigris and Euphrates
What river is enclosed in Ancient India?Indus River Valley (Remember: India = Indus)