Union Budget-2016-1

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Who hailed India as a bright spot also mentioned in union budget?IMF
Number of Navodaya Vidyalaya decided to be opened in union budget?62
Number of Multiskill training institute decided to setup under PM kaushal vikas yojana?1500
Number of RURBAN clusters will be developed under Shyama Prasad Mukharjee300
Target of village electrification set as per union budget?1 May 2018
Amount allocated for the MNREGA in union budgetRs.38500 crore
Number of Jan Aushadhi Stores opened under PM Jan Aushadhi Yojna3000
The govt has decided to introduce DBT on pilot basis for?FERTILIZERS
A dedicated "long term irrigation fund" will be created in NABARD with initial corpus of Rs. 20000 crore
The amount allocated for PM fasal bima yojanaRs. 5500 crore
The amount allocated for Recapitalisation of Public sector bank in union budgetRs.25000 crore
The target of amount sanctioned under PM mudra YojnaRs.180000 crore
Price stablization fund is created to maintain the prices of Pulses
The initial corpus of the price stablisation fund for pulses isRs.900 crore
Govt has decided to introduce new credit rating system for Infrastructure Projects

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The govt is committed to implement General Anti Avoidance rule (GAAR) form by1st April 2017
The target to double the Farmers income set as per budget2022
The hectare of land to be brought under irrigation under " Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojna "28.5 Lakh crore
The total number of irrigation project to be fast tracked89 (23 of these to be completed before 31st March 2017)
The amount allocated for the 89 irrigation project that are going to fast trackedRs.86500 crore
What is the target set to provide 14 crore soil health card to farm holdingMarch 2017
The number of retail outlets of fertilizers companies will be provided with soil and seed testing facilities during the next 3 years2000
The total number of Farm ponds and Dugwells in rain fed areas to be taken up under MNREGA5 Lakh
The total number of Co-post pits for production of organci manures to be taken up under MNREGA10 lakh
The amount allocated for the "Program for sustainable management of ground water resources Rs.6000 crore
The Higher education financing agency to be setup with an initial corpus of Rs.1000 Crore
The bank in which govt has decided to reduce its share below 50%IDBI Bank
The program launched to link state and district that connect people through exchange in area of Language ,trade,culture travel and tourism.Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
FDI allowed through FIPB route in marketing of Food Products and manufacture in India100%
The Basic custom and excise duty on refrigirated containers to be reduced to 5%
100% deduction of profit for 3 out of 5 years for STARTUPS setup duringApril 2016 to March 2019

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A unified agricultural marketing E-platform to be dedicated to nation on the birthday of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar (14th April)
The total amount allocated for " Agriculture and Farmers welfare" isRs.35984 crore
The total outlay on irrigation including market borrowing is Rs. 12157 crore
What is the target to complete the PM Gram Sadak Yojana 2019 (before 2021)
The amount targeted to give as an agriculture credit in 2016-179 lakh crore
To reduce the burden of loan repayment on farmers, a provision has been made in the budget estimate of Rs. 15000 crore
The rate of tax on income generated worldwide exploitation of patents developed and registered in India by a resident10%
Which Organisation will take online procurement of food grains Food Corporation of India
The amount allocated for PM gram sadak yojnaRs. 19000 crore ( Rs 27000 including state to be spend in 2016-17)
What are the provision made for the peoples who will disclose their assets in info providing windowTax-30% Surcharge-7.5% Penalty-7.5%
What is the name of surcharge of 7.5% levied on undisclosed assetedKrishi Kalyan Cess
The amount use on increasing the Production of PulsesRs. 500 crore
Excisee duty on various tobacco products other than Beedi is raised to 15%(Previous-10%
What is the penalty rate incase of under reporting of income50%
What is the penalty rate in case of Misreporting of income200%

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Govt has decided to introduce New Dispute resolution scheme
What will be the penalty in cases with disputed tax exceed Rs. 10 Lakh25% of the minimum of imposable penalty
The clean energy cess on Coal, Lignite and peat is renamed asClean Environment Cess
The clean energy cess on Coal, Lignite and peat is increased to Rs.400/Tonnes
The rate of fiscal deficit in Revised estimate 2015-163.9%
The rate of fiscal deficit in Budget estimate is retained at3.5%
The total expenditure in projected in budget is Rs.19.78 Lakh crore
The planned expenditure pegged in the budget is Rs.5.5 Lakh crore
The non-planned expenditure pegged in the budget is Rs.14.28 crore
What is the revenue deficit target in revised estimate 2015-16improved from from 2.8% to 2.5 %
What is the total amount allocated for rural sectorRs.87765 crore
Rs.100 Crore each allocated to celebrate the birth anniversary of Pandit Deendayal upadhyay and Guru Govind singh
What is the total amount allocated for infrastructureRs. 221246 crore
Which govt scheme provides quality drugs in affordable pricePradhan Mantri jan Aushadhi Yojana
What is the name of ceremony that is celebrated before printing of budget document startHalwa Ceremony

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Who is the minister of state for financeMr. Jayant Sinha
What is the rate of surcharge imposed on super rich individual (above 1 crore)15% (Previous 12%)
Name the section in which HRA deduction limit has been increasedSection 80GG
What is the initiative was introduced for the improvement of Agriculture and welfare of farmersKrishi Kalyan Cess
Name the surcharge levied on all carsInfrastructure cess
Infrastructure cess on small petrol cars1%
Infrastructure cess on Diesel cars2.5%
Infrastructure cess on SUV 4%
A common online wholesale platform for farmers to sell their produce directlyUnified Agricultural Marketing e-platform
Name the mission was formed to improve farm productivity in IndiaPradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana
What is the new scheme for farmers to make the best use of farmersSoil Health Card Scheme
What is the total number of pulses district that comes under National food security mission622
Name the scheme launched by govt of india to support & promote organic farmingParamparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY)
Name the Animal welfare program announced in the budgetPashudhan Sanjeevani
Under which scheme Animal Health Card are to be issuedNakul Swasthya Patra