Uniform Regulation

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Uniforms cannot be faded or ___.worn
White hats/combo covers must be clean and ___stenciled properly
Where do trousers fall in regards to the heel?Not below top edge of heel, within one inch of heel, fit properly
Where are ribbons placed?Lower edge of bottom row centered, 1/4 inch above breast pocket
Male hair must be tapered above ears and around neck from lower natural hairline upwards at least 3/4 " to outward not greater than 3/4 inch to blend with hair style
How long can male hair be?no longer than 4 ", 2" in bulk
How many inches in bulk can a females hair be?2 " bulk
Females may wear no more than ___ barrettes, consistent with hair color.2
Females can use bobby pins T/FT
Female hair must not fall below _____.the bottom of the collar
In a jumper, females hair may extend ____ below top of jumper collar.1 1/2 "
Females hair can not show from front of headgear T/FT
Female fingernails shall not exceed...1/4 " measured from fingertip
Measurements of women's earrings?4-6 mm
Fabric elastics not authorized T/FT
For men, fingernails may not extend past fingertips T/FT
One necklace authorized for ____ and _____Men and Women
One watch and one bracelet authorized T/FT
3 rings authorized, none on thumbs T/FT
Sunglasses can be worn in uniform, but not in ___Formation
NWU sleeves must be rolled....2" from elbow, 3" fold
Two types of sexual assault reporting are...Restricted and Unrestricted
Leave chits turned in ___ days before leave date.7
Special request chits turned in ____ days before request3
Foreign travel chit must be requested ____ days before45
No consumption of alcohol within ___ hours of duty8
Smoking pit secured for colors T/FT

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