Uniform Policy 106.00.4

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Section 1

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Purpose of this policy?To insure all FD personnel maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity
Complete set of clothing including...?Button-down shirt with patches, pants, jacket, badge, name tag, and collar insignia if applicable and belt
Responsibility of uniformsMembers to insure the whereabouts and ready condition at all times. Once replaced old item needs to be turned in.
At time of termination CCFR member is responsible for..returning equipment and uniforms in a clean and orderly condition within 14 days
Rules regarding uniforms will be strictly adhered to. and daily inspectionby ANY supervisor
Responsibility of all personnel ............... that uniforms are worn properly as described hereinand ULTIMATELY ALL supervisors

Section 2

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Badge..?Left breast pocket. Gold by all company and chief officers all other silver
Name Plate...?Worn on dress shirt 1/2 inch above flap of the right breast. finish same as badge
Service Pin..?One pin (IAFF,memorial etc) 1/2 inch above the center of the name plate on DRESS shirt name plate not exceed 1 inch
Commendation awardsbelow the name plate on DRESS shirts. in addition to a service pin
Official CCCFR patch and Approved patch...?Official on left sleeve of all button down shirt....Approved patch on right sleeve of class C shirts
Department issued year of service patch left sleeve of button down shirts... Top of patch 2 inches above the bottom of sleeve on short sleeve and 4 inches above the bottom of sleeve on long sleeve shirt. Insignia will be in 5 year increments

Section 3

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Off duty uniform No more than 2 hours after a shift and 2 hours coming on a shift
Class A intended for funerals, formal events, and ceremonies or as requested by the fire chief
Class Bmeetings/ semi- formal events or in lieu of Class A uniform
Medical limitations Business appropriate for light duty as approved by the fire chief
Class C and Dapproved cap (baseball, boonie etc)
Excerise uniform...shorts on for pt and never worn on a call
low cut uniform shoes what color socksblack and white while training or covered by Class C n D uniform
Long sleeve tshirts or other long sleeve garments during inclement weather under Class C uniform with collar insignia shown
Policy is in effect anytime an employee is on duty, attending mandatory meeting, training, or other official functions
Axe insigniaLadder officers blade pointing down and handle parallel to the front edge
Trumpet insigniamouthpiece pointing up and barrel parallel to the front edge
All collar rank insignia spaced5/8 inch from the front edge of the collar and evenly spaced from top to bottom
Minimum of ... for all PR eventsClass C
Winter Months October 1 through April 30
1700 to 0800may wear navy blue sweatshirt or approved long sleeve in lieu of Class C