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Understanding Families Gr. 9 Family Studies

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Family Types

Question Answer
NuclearEx. Family Guy. Two parents and one or more children, children may be natural, adopted, or both.
Single-Parent FamilyEx. Hannah Montana. One (custodial) parent and one or more children.
Extended FamilyEx. CoCo, The Croods. Basic family unit of parents and children plus one or more other family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
Co-Operative FamilyEx. Full House. Two families who live together and share resources and support each other in order to maximize financial benefits.
Adoptive FamilyEx. Jessie (Zuri, Luke...). Children are adopted through legal process. Parents are responsible for care of children as if they are their biological parents.
Affinity FamilyEx. Friends, Big Bang Theory. Group of unrelated people who care for each other and help each other as if they were family.
Common-Law FamilyEx. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. Resembles other family types but the couple is not legally married.
Same-Sex FamilyEx. Ellen and Portia. Consists of two partners of the same sex, may have children, adopted or natural.
Super FamilyEx. Modern Family. Large unit of related people who do not share the same household.
Childless FamilyEx. Oprah & Stedman. Consists of two people who will not, or have not had, children.
Skip Generation FamilyEx. Barack Obama (He was raised by his grandparents). Grandparent or grandparents who raise their grandchild/grandchildren without their child living with them.
Blended (Step) FamilyEx. Kardashian/Jenners. Type of nuclear family in which one or more or both adults have been married before and one or both have a child from a previous marriage.

Functions Of The Family

Question Answer Column 3
1Addition Of New MembersThrough Procreation and Adoption.
2Socialization of ChildrenTeach skills, values, attitudes for them to learn, work, from friendships and contribute to society.
3Physical Care and Matinence of MembersFood, shelter, clothing, protection, etc.
4Nurturance and LoveAppreciate, inspire, encourage, celebrate.
5Social Control of ChildrenLearn positive values, behaviour, and receive criticism for the negative
6Production, consumption, and distribution of goods and servicesFood, home maintenance, health care, etc.

Evolution of The Family

Question Answer
Hunter-Gather FamiliesDepends on gathering plants and hunting. Jobs were divided based on age and sex. Food finding was their job.
Agricultural FamiliesStarted to grow plants and farm animals, were finally able to settle in one place. Many people in the families (More needed to work in the field.
What does Polygamous mean?Having one or more spouses at the same time
Pre-Industrial FamiliesStarted to have technology. Settled in villages for their trade. Had fewer children.
How did European settlers influence canadian families?Brough the tradition of Monogamous marriages (Only one partner at a time)
Urban Industrial FamiliesIndustrial revolution, paid work and home work seperated.Child labour laws stopped children from working. Ideal faily and Breadwinner family started to come into play
Contemporary FamilyMedical technology, based on equality and care.

Other important things.

Question Answer
Why are families important?Foundation of Society!
What are families?Any combination of two or more people who are bound together over time by ties of mutual consent, birth or adoption, who, together, assume responsibility for the functions of the family
What is a Fact?Facts are things that can be proven and are backed up by evidence.
What is an Opinion?Opinions are personal beliefs and thoughts.