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1.Summit of the Americas 2018Lima, Peru
2.G7 Summit 2018Canada
3.Euro Summit 2018Brussels
4.NATO Summit 2018Brussels
5. 10th BRICS Summit 2018Johannesburg
6. Our Ocean Summit 2018Bali
7.13th G20 Summit 2018Buenos Aires, Argentina
8.UNFCCC COP 24 {UN Framework Convention on Climate Change}Katowice, Poland
11. 44th G7 Summit 2018Canada
12. 51st ADB Annual Meeting 2018Manila
13. 18th NAM Summit 2019Azerbaijan
15. Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM): CHOGM 2018London, United Kingdom
16. 7th OPEC International Seminar 2018Vienna, Austria
17. 33rd ASEAN Summit 2018Singapore
18.East Asia Summit 2018Singapore
19. 30th APEC Summit 2018Papua, New Guinea Port Mores
31st APEC Summit 2019:Chile
20. SCO Summit 2018Qingdao, China

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