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UHM Botany 101 Vocab

Updated 2007-01-31 01:11

UHM Botany 101 Vocab

I'm not sure exactly how it works with the permissions and all but i think anyone can edit and save a copy. I will try and find out if the different copies will update some how. Anyways have fun and hit me up if you need help.

Chapter 1

light strong cells die once fully formed and has rigid wallscellulose
Plants are in what position on the food chain? Bottom/Base
The energy budget solves the problems associated with what type of life? *hint* How it makes energyA PS life
What type of response do plants have to constant change in their surroundings?Environmental response
PS EquationCO2 + H20 + Sunlight ---> C6 H12 O6 + O2
What organelle does PS take place in?Chloroplasts
C6 H12 O6 is also known as what common household ingredient? *hint* SweetSugar
This invisible force helps the plant and hurts it at the same time in it's quest towards primary growth.Gravity
Anchor and absorb water/mineralsRoots
Support and conduct minerals and sugarsStems
Primary organ for PS and gas exchangeLeaves
Plants get as big as possibleContinuous growth
Smallest unit that determines the properties and capabilities of an organismCell *i couldn't ask that very well sorry*
Cell wall is made out of thisCellulose


Membrane bound structures with distinct functions.Organelles
Viscous (liquid) cell substance in which the organelles "float" in.Cytoplasm
Plasma membrane that encloses the cytoplasm and organelles.Cell Membrane
Connections between cellsPlasmodesmata
Another name for chloroplastsPlastids
Large membrane-enclosed watery sac (that's weird to type)Vacuole
Powerhouse of the cell that releases ATP energyMitochondria
The result of one organism engulfing another for mutual evolutionary benefitEndosymbiosis
This produces pressure against the cell membrane and wallVacuole
This organelle has it's own DNA, RNA, is self replicating and endosymbioticMitochondria
Controls cell functions, stores genetic info & DNA/RNANucleus
Series of double membranes all through cell (like spaghetti)(ER) Endoplasmic Reticulum
Also known as dictyosomes, these packaging and repositories help deposit cellulose into cell wallsGolgi