UA FA Vocab

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Board Mailsupplies that are shipped withing company from one station to another
Charter FlightsFlights operating with a sports team or group
Crew Resource Management(CRM/TEM)Flight crew interaction to ensure procedures and communication skills are being used
Continuing Qualification(CQ)Annual training for all FA. Review of saftey and security.
Decompressionrelease of air pressure in cabin.
Evacuation(EVAC)Orderly exit of customer in emergency situation
Extra SectionAn extra flight with same route to accomdate customers
Ferry FlightTransfer aircraft from one point to another, without customers.
Flight Attendant Operations Manual(FAOM)FA manual containg rulse, regualtions, and procedures.
GateCheck-in area for customers
HangarBuilding where aircraft is serviced
HoldingA flight that is waiting to land or take off
HubA large airport where an airline connects customers
InboundFlying into a station
JetwayWalkway connecting the aircraft to the gate
StationAny city served by United
A/CAbbreviation for Aircraft
AftThe rear section of Aircraft
AirspeedSpeed of aircraft as the wind is passing through it
AltitudeDistance above sea level, quoted by thousands of Feet
Auxiliary Power Unit(APU)Small engine that operates a generator to supply aircraft w/ power when engines are shut down
AttitudePosition of plane by the inclination of it axis
BankTilting the plane angle going left or right
BulkheadAny dividing wall in aircraft
CabinInterior of aircraft
DeadheadTransportation of Non-working crew members.
DemoSaftey demonstration
DeplaneTerm used to denote customer exiting the aircraft
DoghouseSmall compartment in plane used to stow equipment
F/AAbbreviation for Flight Attendant
Floor Level ExitsDoor exits that are level with floor
ForwardFront of aircraft toward flight deck
FuselageBody of plane where the wings adn tail are attached
GalleyKitchen area onboard the Aircraft
Ground Power UnitUnit attached to aircraft while on the ground, provides power to aircraft when engines are not on
Ground SpeedCombination of airspeed plus or minus head winds and tail winds determines ground speed.
Gross WeightTotal weight when plane is fully loaded
Hardstandparking area near the terminal where customers and crew borad or deplane.
LavatoryRestrooms on aircraft.
leading edgeForward edge of wing
Main CabinEconomy or coach section.
OutboardArea in Cabin closest to the exterior.
Overhead binsStorage located above seats
Placardsticker in the aircraft with info
RON(remain overnight)Aircraft at station that remains overnight
StowTo secure an item on aircraft
Tail NumberPainted on rear end of aircraft, also found on the placard
Trailing EdgeBack edge of wing
Beverage/Bar cartCart designed for aircraft used to serve beverages
Brew cupMetal basket in coffee maker used to hold coffee bag
Casserole DishCeramic dish meals are served in
Coffee bagPaper filter filled with pre packed coffee grounds
Cold boxcontainer filled with lemons, limes, dairy, and juice
Complimentary(Comp)Alcoholic beverage, headeset at no cost.
Crew MealsMeals for FA and Pilots
Dish-upTransfering entree from over>plate>tray in First Class
Downline CateringFood boarded for one flight and used for the next.
Inflight final report(IFR)Print out of first class customers names and important info
Inflight Hand Held Device (HHD)Electronic deivce used for inventory on liquor and food and to process credit cards
Galley Attendant Briefing Sheets(GABS)Assist FA w/ presentationa dn preperation of meal selections
Inflight Customer KitBlue canvass bag containing items for needs; band aids, coat tags, reports.
Meal CartCart with meals that are sold in main cabin
Phases of flightSpecific stages of flight with desginated saftey and service duties
Pre-departure Beveragebeverages served in first class before departure
Service standardsciteria set for service presentation to customers
Special Service Request(SSR)Form given to FA with special customer requests
Transcontinental(Trancon)Flight Operating form one side of the continent to the other
Walk-throughsFA requirement to asses the needs and be avail. to the cabin
Agents (ASAs)Coworkers ATO; serve customers, handle bags, and direct aircraft equip on ground.
Airport AlertReserve FA Sceduled stand by ATO.
CustomersPax who travel.
Captain (CA)Sits in the Left seat of the Flight deck and is identified with 4 stripes
CrewAny person whose primary job function is working onboard and aircraft.
Crew SchedulingDepartment who assigns crewmember to a flight
Flight Service Coordinator(FSC)leader of FA crew
First Officer(FO)Pilot who sits in the right seat of the flight deck and has 3 stripes
International Service Manager(ISM)Working as Lead FA on on Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific flights
International Relief Officer(IRO)Extra Pilot scheduled on a flight used to relieve the working pilots for their crew rest
Pilot-In-Command(PIC)The pilot responsible for the operation and safety on an aircraft
PurserWorking as lead FA
SpinnerCustomer in aisle after boarding with no seat
Thru CustomerCustomer who remains on aircraft at an intermediate stop
Federal Aviation Administration(FAA)Governmental agency which regulates safety of airline operations through specific aviation regulations(FARs)
Department of Transporation(DOT)Governmental agency that governs the economic concerns of the airline industry
Transportation Security Administration(TSA)employs a risk-based strategy to secure u.s. transportation systems
International Air Transport Association(IATA)Internation trade body representing 230 airlines, and scheduling 93% of scheduled international air traffic.
United Continental Holding, Inc.The Parent company of United
Subsidiary Continental(S-CO)refers to former Continental Airlines
Subsidiary United(S-UA)refers to former United Airlines
Inflight servicesThe name of FA department ar United
Chelsea Food ServicesUnited's in house catering company. Locations; EWR, IAH, CLE, DEn, HNL.
ChoiceMenuUnited food sale program. Flights in Americas
BusinessFirstUniteds premium business class on Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific flights.
UnitedFirstUniteds Premium cabin offered on North American and Central American Flights.
EconomyPluspremium seating area available for extra charge in main cabin.
Star AllianceA multi-member airline network that connects customers throught the world. United is the founding member.
Willis TowerUnited's headquarter in Chicago, Il. formely known as sears tower. UA Occupies 13 floors.
United VoicesUsed to communicate operational concerns