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Question Answer
The legislation that authorized JROTC program was the _________ _________ Act of _________.national defense, 1916
After World War I and World War II, the JROTC program was in a state of _________.stagnation
There are _________ NJROTC programs today.620
Senior Naval Science Instructors, are certified by the _________ and employed by the _________ _________ they are _________ officers or senior petty officers from the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, and they are in charge of the individual NJROTC, local schools, retired
The purpose of JROTC is "To _________ in students the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment."instill
The NJROTC goal of, _________ is being promoted when cadets participate in community service.citizenship
The term _________ is used to refer to the removal of a cadet from the NJROTC program.disenrollment
The Navy's core values are Honor, Courage, and _________.Commitment
_________ is the word used to refer to a strong sense of ethical behavior.Honor
_________ is the word used to refer to the moral or mental strength to face and deal with anything dangerous or difficult.Courage
_________ is the word used to refer to a sense of being bound to a person or course of action emotionally or intellectually.Commitment
The NJROTC program puts a strong emphasis on core values so that cadets may avoid the pitfalls of _________ (a lack of interest or feeling) about their beliefs and behavior.apathy
_________ is the term used to refer to an inappropriate relationship, such as between a superior and a subordinate, an employer and an employee, or a teacher and a student.Fraternization
_________ is an acronym that will help you remember the process of internalizing the core values.LATAR
Within the four-year NJROTC curriculum, _ major areas are covered.8
The _________ _________ _________ is the book where cadets can find information about military customs, uniform wear and care, and ranks, rates, and ribbons.cadet field manual
A background in _________ is valuable to sailors because of their need for reliable weather information.Meteorology
Maritime studies involves topics relating to the _________.sea
Alfred Thayer Mahan believed the key to a nation's international political strength was _________ _________.sea power
The _________ _________ team usually represents the NJROTC unit at events like football games or patriotic Programs.color guard
The _________ team competes in postal matchees.marksmenship
Cadets may compete in a team activity called _________ , which tests their land navigation skills through unfamiliar territory.orienteering
Some military events require special forms of ceremony and etiquette calledprotocalls
When cadets go on trips to military bases, ships, or air stations, they are participating in activities called _________ trips.orientation
For NJROTC graduates, the greatest benefit of the program derives from the _________ training.leadership
With three years of NJROTC, an enliste enters the Navy at grade E-3, whereas without NJROTC experience, an enlistee enters at grade E-1 and serves _________ _________ _________ months before promotiob to E-3.18-24
Training that develops _________ and _________-_________ is the NJROTC's use of the word "discipline," which it holds as one of the program's values.orderlieness, self control

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