U.S. History MV Final Test

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Manifest Destinybelief that U.S. was destined to expand from the Atlantic to the Pacific - used to justify other territorial acquisitions
Sutter's Millgold found in 1848 in CA
The Mexican American Warthe U.S. wanted to expand territory but Mexico was in the way - acquired TX, AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV, WY, CA - ended by Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago
Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederate States of America, prolonged war
The Kansas Nebraska Act1854 - popular sovereignty(each territory decided to be slave/free) *repealed MO Compromise of 1820 which prohibited slavery north 36'30'* - proposed by Stephen Douglas who wanted the TRR to go through there
Bleeding Kansasarmed intimidation and violence caused by pro-slavery forces, undeclared guerrilla war
Free Soilerspolitical party that wants to prevent the expansion of slavery
Dred Scottslave who lost his case-determined that slaves were property, which can be taken anywhere, and not citizens
Harper's FerryJohn Brown led raid on federal armory in Harper's Ferry, VA in 1850 - defeated by Lee
Abraham Lincolnruns against Stephen Douglas, McClellan, wins election of 1860, 64 (pres. elect when SC seceded) - issued Emancipation Proclamation, assassinated
Fort Sumter, SCfirst major battle of Civil War, Union lost, April 12-14, 1861, CSA opened fire on supply ships
Emancipation Proclamationissued by Lincoln, freeing slaves in states that had seceded and were not under Lincoln's control, Jan. 1, 1863
George B. McClellanran against Lincoln in 1864, failed Peninsula Campaign (1862) at Battle of Antietam even though he had the bigger army, afraid to push advantage, popular because he avoided casualties
The Siege of VicksburgMississippi River, MS (50 mi east of Jackson) - Ulysses Grant, long battle, ends July 4,1863, Union wins
The War of AttritionCivil War, small scale battles used to wear down other side slowly
13th Amendmentabolished slavery, ratified Dec. 6, 1865
Andrew JohnsonLincoln's vice pres. who became pres. when Lincoln died, saved from being convicted of impeachment by 1 vote
KKKKu Klux Klan - extremist organization against blacks
The Transcontinental Railroadstarts Omaha, NE to Sacramento, CA - completed in 1869 at Promontory Point, UT
Henry ClayGreat Compromiser- KY congressman - Compromise of 1850
John C. CalhounSC senator - Compromise of 1850
1848-49 Gold Rush1.4 million people joined migration to CA in largest U.S. migration to make CA a multi-ethnic society - get rich quick
The Compromise of 1850last great compromise - 1. CA admitted as free state 2. TX received financial compensation for relinquishing lands west of Rio Grande 3. Slave trade was abolished in DC 4. NM was established without specific prohibition of slavery 5. Fugitive Slave Law required U.S. citizens to return runaway slaves
The Fugitive Slave Lawpart of Compromise of 1850 that required everyone to assist in return of runaway slaves to owners
The Underground Railroadname given to safehouses/passageway to the North to escape slavery, run by Harriet Tubman
Popular Sovereigntyeach territory could decide whether to be slave or free
John BrownNorthern abolitionist who advocated armed insurrection for slaves, murdered 5 southerners in Pottawatomic Massacre in May 1856, Harper's Ferry, later tried and hung for treason by VA
Thomas Hart Bentonone of the first senators of MO - Whig
Chief Justice Taneypresided over Dred Scott case - ruled against Scott saying that slaves were property, which can be taken anywhere
Stephen Douglasran against Lincoln in 1860, senator from IL, proposed TRR, proposed KS-NE Act of 1854
Robert E. Leejoined CSA when home VA seceded, general of CSA, surrendered to Grant in 1865 at Appomattox, VA
The Border Statesslave states that stayed in Union, MO, KY, DE, MD
James K. Polkgained most territory of any U.S. Pres. because of Mexican-American War
The Battle of Gettysburgonly major battle fought in North, one of bloodiest battles, Union won, 3 days, ended on July 4, 1863
Harriet Beecher Stowewrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, abolitionists who came from famous family
Appomattox, VAwhere Civil War ended with Lee's surrender to Grant
Sherman's March to the Sea300 mi across Georgia to sea, 50-60 mi wide destruction, Union's Gen. Tecumseh Sherman
Uncle Tom's Cabinnovel written as series of articles, shows horrors of slavery, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Know-Nothing Partyanti-immigrant political party, aka The Order of the Star-Spangled Banner
James BuchananPres, before Lincoln. lame-duck pres. when SC seceded
Daniel WebsterCompromise of 1850
Homestead Act of 1862160 acres of land, $10 fee to any citizen who moved west and farmed/developed land for at least 5 years
William Lloyd Garrisonabolitionist, wrote Liberator