U.S History Chapter 1

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Who were the first explorers to come to America?The vikings
Why was there such a desire among European countries to explore new lands?Technological advances made during this time, such as the invention of the sextant, provided safer travel on sea. Countries also wanted more possessions in order to have power.
Who were the conquistadores? Name some of these conquistadores.Spanish Explorers. Francisco Coronado, Hernando Cortez-Aztecs/gold, Vasco Balboa, Franciso Pizzaro-Incas/silver, Ponce de Leon (Fountain of youth), Hernando de Soto, Ferdinand Magellan (first European to circle around the globe)
What effects did the European explorers have on Native Americans? The European explorers decimated native tribes; they brought many diseases to the Native Americans such as small pox, influenza, and measles. They also brought many new plants and animals.
What is the “Black Legend”? Killing for Christ
What was the first effort of England to — a colony in America? Why was England so eager to enter the colonial scramble in the late1500s and early 1600s?Gilbert and Raleigh tried to start the colonies Newfoundland and Roanoke (they failed). Since England had defeated the Spanish Armada and desperately need supplies for its growing island population, colonization in the New World seemed to be the best answer.
What colony was a haven for Catholics? For all religions?Maryland; Rhode Island
Name the thirteen original colonies.1. Virginia 2. Maryland 3. North Carolina 4. South Carolina 5. Georgia 6. Delaware 7. Massachusetts 8. Rhode Island 9. Connecticut 10. New Hampshire 11. New York 12. Pennsylvania 13. New Jersey
What is the Mayflower Compact?The Mayflower Compact was a civil body politic which stated the rules and regulations by which the Pilgrims would operate.
What process was used in colonizing the Carolinas? North Carolina was founded by Virginians who needed more land for tobacco crops. South Carolina was founded by settlers from Barbados with their slaves. Rice and indigo were the two main crops of South Carolina

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What value did the colony of Georgia have to England? served as a buffer zone
What were the plantation colonies?1. Virginia 2. Maryland 3. North Carolina 4. South Carolina 5. Georgia
What is the New England Confederation?Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire The New England Confederation was designed to protect the New England colonies from being attacked by the Indians.
What common features did the middle colonies share?1. fertile soil 2. plenty rivers 3. surprising amount of industries (lumbering and ship building) 4. middle class society
Describe life during the colonial period. Pay particular interest to work, religion, government, and education.Work was harsh for many. The most common jobs were jobs in agriculture, merchants, craftsmen (gold and silversmiths, blacksmiths, cobblers), and shipping. Education focused on the three Rs (Reading, Writing and, Arithmetic). Eventually, universities, such as Yale and Harvard were founded. The main religious groups were Congregationalists, Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, Dutch Reform, Presbyterian, Methodist, Quakers. Government was mixed. The New England colonies town meetings were more democratic. The middle colonies were more proprietary in nature with certain rights guaranteed for its citizens. Southern colonies usually had governors who made the rules and had personnel to enforce said rules.
How did the British create their empire around mercantilism? The British believed that the principle that the nation that had the greatest amount of hard currency would dominate commerce. Eventually, the British would become the leading commercial power in the New World.
What were the Navigation Acts?The Navigation Acts were ‘a series acts passed by Parliament which restricted trade by the colonies. These acts were attempts to control colonial trade. They were not very successful.

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What were the causes and effects of Bacon’s rebellion in Virginia?Causes of rebellion were colonists encroaching on Indian lands and Indians attacking in response. Bacon wanted the governor to intervene, but he refused. Bacon marched on Jamestown and burned it. Effects were that the peace treaty was forgotten and relation between the Indians and settlers were strained.
What three philosophies of life led to the American view of freedom? Life, Liberty, Land
What was the Great Awakening?The Great Awakening was a religious revival ‘that spread throughout ‘the colonies. It greatly changed America’s view of God. Primary leaders of this movement were Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield.
african and europeanmulatto
native american and europeanmestizo
features of plantation coloniesstaple products, slavery
middle coloniesnew york, pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey

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