U.S. History Chapter 1-3 Test

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Section 1

Question Answer
Salutary Neglect allowed the British colonies in America to...?not rule the colonies very strictly. OR be self-governed
The slave trade weakened Africa because?Lost great amount of population
The African slave trade included a trip across the atlantic ocean, which was called the?middle passage
What caused the great awakeningsome clergy looked for new ways to bring people back to the church.
virginians turned to slave labor because? southern colonies had small farms and large plantations

Section 2

Question Answer
How did northern and southern colonial economies differ?Northern colonies could not grow enough crops while southern colonies can
WHy did thomas jefferson hesitate to purchase the louisiana territory from france?He was offered a very good deal for it, even though he couldn't do it
what were some of the weaknesses of the articles of confederation?congress could not impose taxes nor regulate trade
Why was the colonists' defeat at the battle of bunker hill significant?It proved how Americans were strong, since they took on the British and won
The executive branch of government includes (who leads this branch of government?) President

Section 3

Question Answer
Why was the bill of rights added to the constitution?To fuck everyone
Who were the nation's first political parties?Democratic republican
What was the last major battle of the revolutionary war?Battle of Yorktown
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." what document is this from?Monroe Doctrine
Why did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention include checks and balances in the constitution?So that none of the branches will have more power than the others

Section 4

Question Answer
Which document of action established the supreme court?Judiciary act of 1789
which action or document strengthened the powers of the supreme court?It had a 6 person supreme court with one chief justice and five associates
What kept the british military from having great success in the SoutH?New British laws caused it (stamp act, sugar act, etc)
What was the goal of the authors of the Federalist papers?ratify the constitution
The belief that the interests of the nation as a whole are more important than interests of a region or of other countries is called?

Section 5

Question Answer
If you were migrating west to a place where you hoped to establish a successful farm on rich farming langs of the willamette valley, you would most likely take what trail there?Oregon Trail
WHen the cherokee were forced to march west the conditions were so terrible that the march became known as the?Trail of tears
What were some of the key differences between the north and the south prior to the civil war?Cities grew faster in the North than in the South
Why did the U.S. declare war on mexico 1846?Because of a boundary dispute

Section 6

Question Answer
What were some of the things that a temperance reformer might do to further their cause?
The 'era of good feelings' was marked by a new sense of nationalismTrue
What was doctrine of manifest destiny?Declared Americans off limits to European Colonization
what illustrates the growth of the abolition movement in the north in the 1830s?a movement to end the slave trade and free slaves in western Europe and the Americas
Why was the indian removal act passed?White settlers wanted to acquire their land

Section 7

Question Answer
What caused the rapid growth of the city of san francisco?Gold rush
What was the first successful long-term settlement in virginia?Jamestown, Virginia
What was the power struggle over that the french and british had that led to the french and indian wars?They both had territorial struggles
Did the britain pass the suger act, stamp act, and quartering act before or after the declaration of independence was signed?Before :)

Section 8

Question Answer
The lack of an executive branch was one weakness of the articles of confederation.true
what were some of george washington's first acts as president?Set up the cabinet, group of advisors to president
Werre the american colonists eager for war with britain?
How did the framers of the constitution see the balance of power between the federal and state government?They wanted to make sure that every part of the government is not too powerful; equal powers
Industrialization in the north led to a movement of people into cities.true
What did the second great awakening make people believe they had a resposibility to do?preachers told people that their destiny lays in their own hands