U.S. History CH 7-8 test

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In the late 1800s, American expansionists were interested in Hawaii as a potential coaling station
U.S. Secretary of State John Hay proposed the Open Door Policy in China in opposition togave all nations equal trading rights
Americans who read about the revolt in Cuba were shocked bythe similarity to the American Revolution
The event that triggered a U.S. declaration of war on Spain in 1898 wasThe Maine was sunk
When the Spanish-American War broke out, Commodore George Dewey’s fleet rushed toManila Bay in the Philippines
After the Spanish-American War, a controversy arose over whether the United States should annexThe Philippines
The United States supported Panamanian revolutionaries in 1903 in their fight for independence from
What was the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary?Monroe Doctrine declared Western states off limits to further colonization by european nations. Roosevelt corollary brought more stability to the region and kept other nations out
President Theodore Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to negotiate a peace treaty between what two countries?
Social Darwinism encouraged people in industrialized nations to believe what about other people and countries?
Why did King Kalakaua give Pearl Harbor to the United States?The Hawaiian League forced him to sign the bayonet constitution
What prompted the Russo-Japanese War?Japan and Russia both wanted the same lands, couldnt take it anymore, declared war
The United States gained trading rights in China by what policy?
How did the United States exert influence in Japan between 1850 to 1900?
Who were the Rough Riders?College athletes, cowboys, ranchers, and miners
Spanish forces in the Philippines were overcome by who force of people?
What is one reason that the Platt Amendment was significant?Limited Cuba's ability to sign treaties with other nations
What is, Big Stick Diplomacy, Dollar diplomacy and Nurturing constitutional governments and who came up with these ideas?Dollar diplomacy - policy of promoting american economic interests in other countries and using that exconomic power to achieve american policy goals
President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to build the Panama Canal to shorten travel time between what two oceans?Pacific and Atlantic
A 1917 law gave Puerto Ricans what rights/privileges?
“We shall make war together, make peace together,” Zimmerman wrote in a note as Germany proposed an alliance with what country and what was the Zimmerman note?It proposed alliance between germany and mexico, and it was with Mexico (other countrty)
The U.S. government borrowed more than $24 billion from the American people through what process?
As the United States became a major supplier for the Allied Powersmore women entered the labor force
Between 1918 and 1919 nearly 700,000 Americans lost their lives because of what (it wasn’t from fighting)?
President Wilson made in a speech to Congressincluded a proposal to establish the League of Nations.
What caused the struggle for power in the Balkans that erupted in 1914?
The Schlieffen Plan provided a precise list of instructions for doing what?waging a two front war against france and russia at the same time
What happened after Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia?
Which nations comprised the Allied Powers? What nations comprised the Central Powers?Great Britain, France, Russia (Allied Powers), Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
What happened with the war effort after the First Battle of the Marne?
Of the methods of warfare developed in World War I, which did traditional officers consider unfair and barbaric?
What prompted Germany to use U-boats and unrestricted submarine warfare in World War 1?Germany suffered british blockade, developed plan to strike back at Great Britain using the U-boats
What was President Wilson’s plan for a just and lasting peace?league of nations and reconstruction
What did the case Schenck v. United States establish?speech can be limited when it poses a "clear and present danger" explained limits to free speech
What did General Pershing do with his troops when they arrived in France?Spent months establishing american expeditionary forces and setting up communications and supply lines
An important political outcome of World War Iwas the overthrow of monarchies across Europe.
The nation that emerged as the overriding economic world power at the end of World War I was?United States
President Wilson’s vision differed from that of the other world leaders at the Paris Peace Conference in that he wanteda treaty that stressed openness, fair trade, and fewer weapons, but other leaders wanted to punish Germany for starting the war.
The 1918 Sedition Act made it illegal for Americans to do what?Criticize the government, flag, military