U.S History 2

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What war were women were allowed to serve as nurses for the first time?Civil War
What did President Lincoln sign on January 1, 1863?Emancipation Proclamation
Which Civil War battle claimed the bloodiest day of the Civil War?Battle of Antietam
Where did General Lee surrender to General Grant?Appomattox Court House
What guarantees the accused the right to a hearing before being jailed?Habeas Corpus
Where did Sherman's "March to the Sea" end?Savannah, Georgia
After which battle did the President Lincoln take action against slavery?Battle of Anietam
Which Confederate capital was only about 100 miles from Washington D.C?Richmond, Virginia
In which city did the worst protest against draft laws take place?New York City
What was the main goal of the North at the beginning of the war?To bring the Southern states back into the union/ reunite the country
How did African Americans in the North greet the Emancipation Proclamation?Joyfully
What was another name for the "Peace Democrats"?Copperheads
What was the greatest difference in resources between the North and the South?Manufacture goods
Who said that if he could save the Union without freeing slaves, he would?Abraham Lincoln
In which resources was the North and South more closely equal?Exports
What was the purpose of General Sherman;s "March to the Sea"?To break the Souths will to fight
During what year was the 1st Battle of Bull Run or Manassas fought?1861
Which Amendment gives full citizenship to all individuals born in the U.S?Fourteenth Amendment
What secret organization terrorized and killed African Americans in the South?KKK
What was the period of rebuilding after the Civil War called? Reconstruction
What Northerners supported the Republicans and moved to the South called?Carpetbaggers
Who was accused if assassinating President Lincoln?John Wilkes Booth
How did the president prohibited the president from removing governmental officials?Tenure of Free Act
What happened to President Andrew Johnson when he violated the Tenure of Office Act?He was impeached
Which agency established schools for freed African Americans?Freedman's Bureau
Who received the most popular voted in the election of 1876Samuel T. Iden
In which military district were Florida and Alabama located?3rd
Which were the last two states to reestablish conservative governments?Louisiana and Florida
What Civil War veteran was defeated by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse?George Armstrong Custer
In which areas of the Dakotas were white forbidden to settle?BlackHills
Who was the last Native American to officially surrender to the United States?Geronimmo
What happened to the Native Americans at the Battle of Wounded Knee?They were massacered
Which steel company owner was a great philanthropist?Andrew Carnegie
Who invented the telograph?Alexander Grambell
Who invented the light bulb?Thomas Edison
How many terms did Theodore Roosevelt serve as U.S president?2
How many time zones are there in the continental United States4
Which was the first law passed to limit immigration?Chinese excursionist
Why did many people immigrate to the U.S?Economic trouble
What were the apartment slums inhabited by immigrants called?Tenements
Which amendment provided for the direct election of senatesSeventeenth Amendment

Section 2

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How can voter remove unsatisfactory elected officials from office?Recall
Who was the Bull Moose Party presidential candidate in 1912?Theodore Roosevelt
Which amendment made it illegal to make, transport, and sell alcohol?Eighteenth
Who defeated the democratic candidate for president in 1908?William Howard Taft
Which European country controlled Cuba?Spain
Which country helped Panama revolt against Columbia?U.S
Why did Congress declare war on Spain?The explosion of the mam
What's an non involvement in world affairs called?Isolationistm
Who was president of the U.S when the Spain American War was fought?McKinley
Where were most U.S possessions in 1900 locatedPacific Ocean
Why did Great Britain enter World War I?Germany invaded Belguim
What atmosphere was created by European countries' competition for colonies?Militarism
What did Americans begin to do after declaring war on Germany?Mobilize, Began Mobilization, Prepoution
Which country that fought in the war didn't sign the Treaty of Versailles?U.S
What's the feeling of loyalty to one's country or group called?Nationalism
Wtih what was the most important of the Fourteen Points?League of Nationalism
What German weapon changed the course of the war?U-Boat
What communication did Germany use to proposition Mexico?Zimmerman telegraph
Which nations made up the Allied Powers?United Kingdom, France, Greece, Italy

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