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what are the hint of ethynol gylcerol posiningca oxalate crystle envolpe , exctangular
what are the treaftment of dehadrytionuv crstoliod
what are the the hint of stress hair line frature miltery or athles , increase pain w/ activity , then progesse in rest , tendreness on palptation
what are the treatment iof stress hair line fractureanalgica , bed rest , hard dole shoes
what th different btw plumonary contusion and acute respirotory distressall occure in 24-48 hours byt pc unilateral inflateration patach of alvoli and brusie on chest but ard bilateral
what are the cause of amtyaptyline and how can treatmentttricyclic anticholrngic med , cause urinary retension by reduce detrosr muscle contraction anf urinary sphicner realxtion , treatement by urinary catherziation
what age the trinsient protinuria and what are the t/tin school age , reepate dipstick in 2 sequance
what are the mutation in hypertphic cardomypathy cardic b mycion heavy chain gen , mycion c bing protin g
cryptocrididm comoplicationinfertilty , ingunal hernia , testcular tosion , testis malginancy
what are the next step o=in pat w/ gbs stable ptspirometry (fev , fvc
what the next step ofpt w/ gbs unstablepeak flow meter
what are the hint of glucocortcoid induce myopathy only weakness w/o pain or tendrenss , nl esr c reactive
what aret the most risk factor cause die in 5 yr in dialysis pt cardio vascualr disease
what the t/t of kid w/ uti using diaper urthera catherziatio , urinanalysis , and c/s
what the t/t of uti of kid not using diaper mid stream clean catch , urinanalysis .c/s
what are the test confirm paroxmal nocturia hemglobiuriaflow cymptry test
what other cancer w/ herditory nonpolypsis colrectal canceendomtrial cancer
what are the hint of caustic posining no loss of concous , dysphgia , salivintion , white tongue
what are the defects in upper throcic spinal lesionparapalgia , fecal incotence , urinary incotence , loss of sensation from nipple to down
what are condition assocition w/ dermocyiitismalgninacy ( lung , colon , pancerice , no hodgen lymphoma , ovarain , stomach)
what the diffeerent btw corneal abarsion as usual and corneal abrasion w/ trigmenal dysfunctiontgd painless
how can stop laction in women no want to breasting feeding or his infant diewear bra lifiting , and ice pack , stop stimulation nipple
what are the hint of hep c intermittent elevation of transaminase ( post trumatic ) > spinal cord injery
what are the the cause of syrnomalgia accident whiplash