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what are the lodicne cause as prophlytic in patient chfdecrease the venticle fibrliation and asysolic
what are the treatment of asctis steps wise1 restrtection of water and na 2 give spironloactone 3 give duirtic no more than 1 l /day 4 paracentesis2-4 l as long as renal function ok
what are the side effect after aortic repair ischmic of bowel after inadequate colonic collateral arterial perfusion to sigmoid , symptom bloody dirrhea ,fever , rebound , abd pain
what are the risk factor of squmaous cell carcnomachronic scar , no healing burn
what are the best test to confrim if u suspect fetal demise intrutrinereal ultrsongraphy
what are the treatment of fibromalgia pt eduaction , areobic exrsise , good sleep hygine
whuch vaccine should admminsted to pt w/ hep chep a , b vaccine
what are the different btw polymaltyic rhumatica and fibromlycia in examinationfibromalygia > point tendreness in palpation , no morning stiffness
what the complication of baby mengitis and what the symptom waterhouse sherdion syndrom > adernal hemmorge > patache and purpra on flank and vasmotor collapse
what type of gloumor nephritis cause by lymphomaminmal change
what are the treatment of acute neutropenia after chemotherapycifapime , meropnem ,piperocilln-tarcolactm
what the treatment of acute exerbation copd and hemodynamic stablenon inavsive postive prssure ventliation
what are t he side affect of fluoqunone and what the t/t rendopathy and rupture of tendon , stop medication , no exresise
what are the hint of dilated carodomaypathy thromocytopneia , macrocyosis , increase livr function test , dystolic dysfunction , verntrcle dilation
what are the dermfibromasesnon tendre , hyperpigment nodule , w/ dumple central , small , fter truma
what are the content of glasow scaneye opening , verbal response , motor response