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what the best treatment of specfic phobia behavioral tratment
what the most cause of psudogouthyperparathyrididm
what is the direction of hand when will xray for pt have carapel tunnel syndromepronation and ulna devation so can exposure of schophod bone
waht are the different btw artial embolism and artial thrombosisembolism sudden pain , unliateral pulse less , thrombosis , bilateral pulseless , progerssive and dull aching pain
what is the different btw struge weber syndrome and capillary hemengiomasws sezuire and flat lesion not blanced w/ pssure but ch blanced w/ pssure
what is the mecanism of sqaating to decrease cynosis in terolgy of follatincrease perphral resistance , increase after load anfd dreacrasr shuint from r to l and increase murmer insity
what is the disease cause + jugalr distentionconstricticve percarditis , restrective cardomaypathy , r ventrcular infarction
what is the dx of patient w/ protnuria , increase critine , dm dm glomuleronsclorosis cause chronic renal faluire , cause by micropangoppathy
what is the hint of urinary bladder obstruction posvoidal resdual urine voulme >50 ml
what the most commen site of ewing sarcomametaphysis and diphasis of fermur
what is the side effect of hyroxochornoquoune retionpathy , should exam eye
what is the poor prgnosis in cllthrompcytopeniua
what is the hint of ostearhitis( degentrative disease)no systemic symptom no tendreness on palpation
what are the cause of lower back pain in prgenant womenlumber lordorsis , relaxtion of ligement support sacroillic and other joint in pelvic gridle
what meducation cause shingleinflaxamib ( immuncomprised patient )
what the test of macualr degeneration grid test see stright line > wavy line and distored
what are the t/t of hypthermia (32-35)and severe hypothermia (<28) : hypothermia > iv fluid ,passive warming of fluid , severe hypothermia >active rewarming of iv fluid
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what are tried ofwiskott aferich syndromthrompcypenia ( because decrease platates production , eczama , reccunt infection eg pnumona
what are the t/t of malignant otitis .extrenaciproflocacin
what are the hints of malginant otitis externa increase ear pai at night , dm , eldary , otoscopy see granulation
pregnant women w/ asympatic bacturia we have to treated by amoxcillen or nitrofurontain
what is the hint of macybactia avuim complex cd4 < 50 , splenomegally , increase alkaline phophatase
what the hintsf chronic granlumatous diseaserecureent adenitis , infection like pnumonia , nutrophile filled w/ bactria
what the metabolic problem in lung atlecasis after surgeryrespiroty alkalosis , hypoximaia
what are the effective way to prevent post operative respirtory atlacesis postoperativ :breathing exersuse and incentive spirometry , epidural anstheia , contnous postive airway prssue , preoperativesmoking cessation 8 wk , breathing exersise , treat respirtory infection
what are the different btw primary polydepsia and dipp na < 137
what are the next step if suspine shoulder dystocyia during delvisry and baby have erbs duhance palsygentale massage , physcial therapy and reassurance disslove 3-6 months spnotsluly
what are t he next step if you dx infant bactria mengitisempric antibiotic ( cftroxine , vancomycin ) then LP
patient recurrent un explain syncope and and you suspect upright tilt table
what the most cause of acute abnormal utrine bleeding in teenage and what are t/timmature hypothalmic ovarine pituitary axis , high dose iv or oral estorgen or combind estrogen and progestron or high dose prgersin or tranexamic if contrnidation take prog or estrog
what the next step for pat cat bite prphlyaxis w/ amoxcillin /clavunate
what is the hint of influnza infection irapaid onest , systematic symptom ha , fever , malagia
old man w/ smoking what the best screen for aortado one time us of abd to check artic anuyrsum
what are the medication use in schezophernia resist to antipsycosis or schezophernia associate w/ suiside and need hosplized whycolzapine because bad side effect ( sezuire , mycarditis , agranylosis , metabolic syndrome
what is the hint of kertoacnthomavolcano like nodule wl kertonic pulg centrally
what are complication of acut of panceratitishypotension due incerase vascular permbility > incerase intravasculsr fluid loss to retropertnuim
what is the complication of trimethoprim hyperkalmeia ( blocking na channel in collecting channel ) and increase crtinine ( inhbit renal tuble crtinine secration )
what the pathophysiolgy of rye syndromemicrovascular fatty inflatration
what is the liver biopsy of a antitrypsin defecincyciossis , perportal esonophilec inclusion body
what the liver biopsy of congerstive heart disease sinosidalcongestion and hepatic necrosis
what the mos cause of asymmpatic alk phospatase increasepaget disease
what are the risk factors of thryoid cancercercvical lumphdenapathy , family hx , exposure radiation
what are the hints of viral esophgaitisodophgania w/o dysphagia
what is the treatment of vaginisnusrelaxation , kegal exersise , insertion gradual dilation
what are cause of all distal finger cynosis and ischemanoerepnphrine induce vasospasm