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what the hints of gastional trophoblastic dissease and what the next step datk vig bleeding postpartum , lung symptoms , bhcg
what the next step if schezopherania patient replase after hosplizetion and good response of antipyscosislong acting injection of antipsycosis
what are the different btw vomiting induced dehadration and duritic vomiting decrease na in urine but duirtic increase k ,na in urine
what is the different btw hypocalciuria hyperclacima (hhc)and primary hyperpathydismhhc dcrease calcium creatinine clearnce ratio and high normal pth
what is the most risk factor decrease incidence of pancertic cancersmoking
what the next step of eosphgeal varcies and hemodynmic instabilty ABC
what is the next step if suspecion of slerenal biopsy
what is the hint of sequamas cell carcimoma of vagina and what is the next stepmaloder bloody vaginal and irrgeualr vaginal , vag biopsy
what the mangement of disk herneation w/o nurolgical defiect early mblization , nsad , no bed rest
what hint of hemorcrmatosischondrocalcnoisis