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what is the next step of pt w/ epiduaral ansthea and urine dribblingurinary dewlling catherzation
what is the commen site of adenxal torsion and why right side bc the urtofallopein ligment longer and recto digmoid colon in left side
whay are the risk factors of ovarain torsinonpregnancy , mass in ovary , infeceritlity t/t ovarian induction , reproductive age
what is the hint of ovarin hyperstimulation syndrome incerese shift of intravesucler fluid lead to asctice and hypovolemai
what is the hint of mestatic bone back painincrease pain during night
what are the risk factor of hemmorge in germinal matrix of infantprematurity , low birth weight
what are the symptoms of zinc defeiceny alopecia , poor wound healing ,strange taste of food , pastule surrond body orfice , bulle
what are the medication cause psudo tumor cerbritertracyline , docycline , vit a (acne drugs) growth h
what you see in ct and xr in nueroblastomaclacification and hemmorge
whatis the dx of dissmented histoplasmosis in hiv pturine ag or blood immunassy
what is increase in histoplasmosisincrease ferttin , lactic dehydrogenease , liver enzyme
after age what not reccomend to give hpv vaccinewomen 26 , men 21
what is way to prevent clamyda conjectivits in babymaternal screening of clamydia and gonnorhea
what are the different btw erchoiloiesis and lyme diseaeerchoilosis is no rash , have fever , decrease wbc , platate , increase liver enzyne ,intercytoplasmic morulae in monocyte
what are the different btw fibroid and ademocyosisall enlarge utres but fibroid irrgular and firm and also have constipation and urinary problem
what are the complication of osteoprosisvertbral compression fracture after cough or lift
what are the hint of arwhen lye later decbtus lv near to chest and feel piunding sensation increase awarnce of heart beat
what is the side effect of levodopa /caropedahallucination , confusion
what the side effect of entocapne/tolcocapnefirst dyskensia then hallcunation , confusion
what the best screen of men 2 and if + what t/tDNA testing screening and if + thyroectomy
what the symptom of iron posing radoopaque in xr in stomach , abd pain ,hematmesis , anoin metabolic acidosis,dirrhea ,increase rr , respirotoy alklosis
what the disease is dx by bronchalveolr lavagrmalginancy and oppurtinc infection (pnemyc pnemonia)
what are the causes of age related orthostic hyptensiondecrease barerecptor sensitivity , decrease norepnephrne in sympathitic ending , decrease mycardyum senstivity to symmpathtic stimulation
what are the different in csf btw multipe sclorosis and gulllin barre syndromems> oligoconol band and nl protin and cell count , gbs > albumino- cytolgic dissocation and increase protin and nl cell count
what is the gold dx of duchane muscler dystrophy gentic testing see dystrophin gen in ch 21
what the screening test of duchane muscler dystrophy incerease cretinine phospho kinase and aldoase
what are the different btw om and om w/ effusionboth have middle ear effusion but om have also tympanic inflammtion ( bluging of eardrum
what are the risk factors of necrotizing entrocolititsprematurity , low birth weight , formaula milk > breast milk , hypotension , congetiver heart disease
what the anticoaglution medicine use safe in renal insuffency( decrease estimate glumler filtration < 30unfractional heparin
what are the cause of bleeding in crf hemostais > urmic coaglopathy ? platate dysfuntion