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The standard b-ball team consists of how many players 5 players on the court at once
The b-ball hoops is how many feet above the group 10 feet
Hitting slapping and hold are all considered Fouls
The center is ideally the ......Tallest player on the floor
If you are over the limit and team fouls the other team receives2 fred throws
Who’s the founder of b-ball James Nashville
What was the first b-ball A soccer ball
The first goals was made out of Peach baskets
A made foul shot is Worth one point
Play disqualified when they exceed 5 fouls
Making illegal body contact with a player is a Foul

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Player can’t run or kick during a Play
International games have Four quarters
College games have 2 quarters
B-ball was invented in 1891
Traveling is when u take more than 2 steps without Dribbling the ball

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Backcourt violation occurs an offensive player travels back across the mid court line once it had already been brought ova Backcourt violation
Carry the b-ball is when a player dribbles the ball with his hand to far to the side of the ball or sometimes under the ball Carry the b-ball
When a defensive player interferes with a shot while it’s on its way downward toward the basket Goal tending
Dribble the ball with either both hands on the ball at the same time or picking up the ball and dribbling again Double dribbling
Scored the most points ever in nba game Witch chamberlind

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