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Typography Quiz CH 16-18

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Question Answer
The Latin character set used in a standard text for containsall the characters and accents needed to set type for all the European languages that use the Latin alphabet
Military timea 24 hour system of notation got expressing times of the day - in those settings, a.m. and p.m. are redundant so they are not used
In the US a.m. and p.m. are sometimes set in small caps.In Britain it is normal to set them in lowercase only
Often 24-hour time is expressedwithout the colon up divide the hours (1730 instead of 17:30)
¥Japanese yen
£British pound-sterling
In American English double quotation marks are used for the primary quote andsingle quotation marks are used for quotes within quotes “she called him ‘weird’ and I agree”
In British English single quotation marks are used for the primary quote anddouble quotation marks are used for quotes within quotes ‘she called him “weird” and I agree’
It is American style to add a period totitles that would not seem to need them (Mr., Mrs., etc)
It is British style for periods (full stops)to be omitted after titles
In expressions of temperature, the American style is to set the entire expression closed up with no spaces in between.In British style they put a thin space between the number of degrees and the degree symbol and the F or C
Double guillemets (chevrons « and »)are used in place of English style quotation marks in French
In Spanish, interrogatives and exclamations are introduced byinverted question marks (¿) and exclamation points (¡)
In Spanish, the letter combinations ll and rr are consideredsingle characters and can not be divided at line’s end
In German, although the eszett (ß) represents a double s,it is not broken in half in order to hyphenate a word


Question Answer
The name style sheet comes fromthe book publisher's practice of summarizing, in a single document, all the typographic and page layout specs for a project
A program generally offers two kinds of style sheets for textparagraph and character
Programs usually allow you to specify not only the style for a given paragraph but also the style for the one that follows it.These follow-on styles are triggered by returns and can cause the paragraph after a chapter title, for example, to be set with a drop cap, and the following paragraphs to be formatted as regular text with a given first-line indent
Your program may allow you to embed character styles within paragraph styles.These so-called nested styles are triggered when certain characters or conditions are encountered within the text stream
Page layout programs can also create style sheetsfor objects
Table-cell style sheets are a hybrid that combine the elements of object style sheets and text style sheets.They allow you to format the text contents of a table cell including tabs as well as the nature of any or all of its cell borders and insets
Basing one style sheet on another can be a great time saver.The ripple through effect can save a lot of time when style sheets have to be updated but it can also cause unanticipated results if changes are made to a style sheet without regard to the effect on it's children
Removing style sheetsjust select all the text in the document, apply “no style” to it, and delete all the old style sheets
Setting overrides in style sheetsoverrides are settings or values that override those in the style sheets


Question Answer
Bad spacing can be partly overcome by the design of typefaces intended for display on the screen.Two good examples of this are Matthew Carter's Georgia and Verdana which are created for and distributed by Microsoft
Increasingly font foundries are producing large numbers of so-called web fontswhich have also been designed for low-resolution display on electronic devices (not for printing)
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) area standard created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to enhance HTML

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