Types of Tablets

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ChewableAre designed to be chewed before swallowing. Is usually pleasantly flavored and useful for children.
Enteric-coated (EC)Are coated with a substance to prevent dissolution in the acid environment of the stomach.
SublingualAre designed to dissolve quickly under the tongue so that the active ingredient is rapidly absorbed.
BuccalAre designed to be placed between the cheek and gum, where the drug dissolves slowly over a period of time.
Film-coatedAre usually coated with a thin layer of water-soluble material that dissolves rapidly in the stomach.

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EffervescentTablets contain sodium bicarbonate and citric and/or tartaric acid so that when the drug is placed in liquid, an acid-base reaction causes carbon dioxide gas bubbles and releases the active drug.
PelletsSmall, cylinder-shaped tablets meant for implantation beneath the skin.
VaginalDesigned to be inserted into the vagina, where they dissolve, and the active drug is absorbed through the vaginal lining.

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