Types of Psychological Disorder pt2

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Includes Personality disorder, drug addiction, dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia

Question Answer
Narcissistic Personality Disorder"I AM THE BEST LOOK AT MEE THE GREATEST"
Borderline Personality Disorder"I'm so in love with you, you are my world... 2 weeks later... I hate you!"
Total lack of Self-ControlUsually huge drug abuser and risk-takers, terrible with money and credit. It is if they are controlled by moment-to-moment changes in their environment
Antisocial Personality DisorderMain feature is a complete lack of conscience or remorse for wrong-doing. aka morally insane, psychopaths, sociopaths
When is drug use more likelyWhen it is used to suppress anxiety or fear, or to ward off depression, caused by future or past life events
Multiple personality disorder (MPD)Person’s personality, behaviour, awareness, memory for events, etc. is split based on the adoption of separate identities
MPD a lie?Many believe so kind of like the shock experiment where people accept the social role and the psychiatrist is pushing them to it
Schizophrenia"A split from reality" Constant voices talking in you head, giving one bizzare delusions
Anxiety Disordersdistressing, persistent anxiety, or maladaptive behaviour that reduce anxiety
DopamineInfluences movement,learning, attention, and emotion.
Dissociative disorderConcious awareness becomes separated (dissociated) from previous memories thoughts and feelings.

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