Types of mutations

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a change in one DNA base pair that results in the substitution of one amino acid for another in the protein made by a genemissense mutation
a change in one DNA base pair. the dna sequence prematurely signals the cell to stop building a proteinnonsense mutation
changes the number of DNA bases in a gene by adding a piece of DNA. the protein may not function properlyinsertion
chances the number of DNA base pairs by removing a piece of DNAdeletion
when a piece of DNA is abnormally copied one or more timesduplication


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shifts the grouping of these bases and changes the code for amino acidsframe-shift mutation
short DNA sequences that are repeated a number of times in a rowrepeat expansion
NEW codon still codes for the same amino acid, change in last of three nucleotides usuallysilent mutation
Radiation or chemicals that cause mutationsmutagens
Can be inserted either between genes or in genes in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, they have the effect of a mutation, may change , turn on /off, the expresion of a gene , or not effect at alltransposons, can move to new location on a chromosome of jump to a new one


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Sickle cell is caused by which type of mutation ?missense mutation
An example of carcinogens iscancer
Uncontrolled cell growth activated by mutagen carcinogens
DNA polymerase CHECKS to make sure each newly added nucleotide correctly base pairs with template strandproof reading
Enzymes repair errors that escape proof readingmismatch repair
Enzymes remove nucleotides damgaged by mutagensexcision repair