Types of chromosones (terms you need to know)

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terms you need to know

Question Answer
ploidynormal # of chromosones in a body cell of a species
diploid# of chromosones in each body cell, having pairs of homologous chromosones
haploid23 singletons (humans) # of chromosones in a gamete

types of chromosones

Question Answer
Autosomes#1-22. Gender determining is the 23rd chromosones
Monoeciousmale sex parts and female sex parts are on same organism (earthworm)
Dioeciouswhen male sex parts are on a seperate organism from the female sex parts (humans, dogs, chickens)
Hemaphroditea person of dioecious species that has both girl and boy parts
FertilizationN (egg) + Sperm N -> 2N (fertilized egg or zygote) -> mitosis turns this into an embryo

errors in cell division

Question Answer
Non disjunctionwhen chromosones are unevenly pulled apart. occurs in anaphase, anaphase 1 or 2
if non disjunction occurs in mitosisthe 23 pairs usually make up 46, but this can either end up with 47 or 45
if non dijunction occurs in Meiosis24 cells will duplicate. instead of the 4 daughter cells and having 23 SINGLETONS, this can change by being 24 or 22
where does mitosis and meiosis occurmitosis in body. meiosis in testies and ovaries
# of cell divisions in mitosis and meiosis1 in mitosis, 2 in meiosis
ploidy of the product in mitosis and meiosis2N in mitosis, N in meiosis
# of cells produced in mitosis and meiosis2 in mitosis, 4 in meiosis

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