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adenohypophysis arises fromstomodeal ectoderm called rathkes pouch
nerohypophysisneural ectoderm, floor of diencephalon called the infundibulum
adrenal cortex arises fromintermediate mesoderm
adrenal medulla arises fromneural crest cells (ectoderm)
retina and optic nerveneuroectoderm
lens, lacrimal gland, corneal & conjulctival episurface ectoderm
sclera & choroidmesoderm
optic vesiclediencephlon outgrowth made of neroectoderm
lens Placodesoptic vesicle connecting w/ectoderm
optic cupdouble walled optic vesicle becomes the retina
optic stalkbecomes optic nerve
corneal epitheliumsurface ectoderm
smooth muscle of the irisectoderm
occuloir musclesparaxial mesoderm
colobomafailure of the choroids fissure to close
micro- opthalmatoo small eye may result from intra-uturine infection of toxoplasmosis
anopthalmosisabsence of eyes resulting from exposure toxic chemicals
congenital cataractscloudiness of lens
pharyngeal or branchial cleftectoderm
pharyngeal archesmesoderm & neural crest
pharyngeal pouchesendoderm
barnchial groovesurface ectoderm
pouch onetympactic cavity and auditory tube\meatus
pouch twotonsillar fossa\palantine tonsil
pouch threeparathyroid and thymus
pouch fourparathyroid &ultimobranchial body(becomes the parafollicular cells)


Question Answer
external acoustic meatus firms fromthe first cleft
cervical sinus develops fromthe 2 3 4 cleft
thyroid buddevelops as median endodermal downgrowth
thyroglossal ductregress grows from the thyroid bud
thyroid folliclesendodermal
connective tissues of the thyroid folliclesmesoderm
first (mandibular) pharyngeal arch becomesmandible (part) malleus &incus, muscles of mastication, Digasticus(part), innervated via madibular division of trigeminal nerve
second (hyoid) pharyngeal arch becomeshyoid apparatus(part) stapes, muscles of facial expression, digastricus, stapedius, innervated via facial nerve
third pharyngeal arch becomeshyoid apparatus, pharyngeal muscles, innervated by glosso-pharyngeal nerve
fourth pharyngeal arch becomeslaryngeal cartilages,phyrngeal and laryngial muscles. innervated by recurrent larygial nerve, vagus
bony labyrinth develops frommesoderm
membranous labyrinth develops fromotic vesicle or otocyst (ectoderm)
otic placodethicking of surface ectoderm @ level of rhombencephalon
periodontal ligamentmesenchyme
period of development that is most sensitiveembryonic
frontal processgrowth of the mesenchymal cells around forbreain
mandibular archmaxillary and mandibullar process
nasal placodeectodermal thickining
nasal pitinvagination of the nasal placode that excavates the mesoderm and communicated with stomodeum
cheekfusion of the mandibular and maxillary process

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