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Tumor Markers

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Question Answer
What is are tumor markers? substances found in body tissues and fluids that help show the presence and type of cancer
Where can tumor markers be found?in bodily fluids such as blood or urine
What do tumor markers indicate? a potentially malignant process and even specific type of malignant tumor
What does PSA stand for? prostate-specific antigen
What does PSA tumor marker show?made by cells of the prostate gland and is present in abnormally large amounts in men with prostate cancer
What does AFP stand for? alpha-fetoprotein
What does AFP tumor marker show?This tumor maker can help diagnose hepatocellular carcinoma, or liver cancer
What does CEA stand for? carcinoembryonic antigen
What does CEA tumor marker show? o It is used to tell a medical practitioner what the prognosis for a patient with colorectal or breast cancer may be, or how well they are responding to treatment, or to see if the cancer has spread