Tumor Imaging

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Question Answer
Inject sestamibi, wait 15 mins
Sestamibi image viewsANT, RAO, LAO for 5-10 mins
___% of prosta is excreted in ___ in ___ hours10%, urine, 72 hours
Prosta critical organsLiver, spleen, kidneys,
Prosta MOLantibody-antigen
Prosta collimator Med Energy
Prosta preplaxative
Prosta imagesstatics, WB, SPECT
Negative Prosta early imagesblood pool, liver, spleen, bone marrow, kidneys, bladder, genitalia
Negative Prosta delaysbowel changes && blood pool, liver spleen kidney bone marrow diminish with time, and activity at base of penis
Penis used as a landmark in Prostainferior level of prostatic fossa
Positive prosta studypfossa activity, bone/pelvin lymph/abdominal lymph activity
Prosta artifactsfalse positives, test avilable, possible rxns
Neuroendocrine tumors arehard to find and diagnose. the odd ones
Somatostatin increasesrate of cell division and protein synthesis
Somatostatin produced byhypothalamus. stored and released from anterior pituitary
Somatostatin inhibits the secretion ofinsulin and glucagon
Octreo pt prephydration, bowl prep, discont octreotide for 2 days
Octreo critical organskidneys, bladder, spleen
Octreo bioroutingurinary system
Octreo imaging 4 & 24 hours
Pheochromocytoma is a ____ producing tumorcatecholamine
Neuroblastomafast growing and mass. young children
Adrenal imaging (mIBG) indicationspheochromocytomas, hormonal overproduction, neuroblastomas, SCLC, paraganliomas, Merkel Cell Skin Tumors, medullary thyroid cancer
mIBG =adrenal imaging
octreo =gut tumors
mIBG preplugols (up to 10 days),
mIBG bioroutingurinary
mIBG MOLactive transport
adrenal imaging times24, 48, 72 hours