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wet cracklespneumonia, atlectasis, heart failure
low systolic mumur in newbornnormal
above 60 rrtachypnea
20 secondsapnea
02 90% or belowcyanosis
ralesinfection, pulmonary edema
first few hoursrhonci
4th ICS mid clavicular linePMI in newborn
4-5th ICS MCLleft ventricular hypertrophy
2 arteries and 1 veinumbilicus
1 artery and 1 veinkidney, heart or GI/GU problems
cylindical abdomen in newbornnormal
scaphoid abdomen in newbornabnormal
fluid in vaginahydrocolpus
epispadis in femalehermphrodite
hyperactive moro, increased muscle tone, tremors, excorited skin d/t movementdrug withdrawl
macroglossia, microganthia, flat facefetal alcohol
remove phenalaynine, can be breastfedPKU
can't break down milk, must use soygalactosemia
prophalytic PCN d/t spleens not workinghemaglobanopathies
tx with cortosl and aldosteronecongenital adrenal hyperplasia
eliminate leucine, isoleycine, valine from dietmaple syrup disease
methoinine restricted diet, b6 supplementhemocystinuria
parasitic infection, undercooked foods, cat feces, contaminated soils, unwashed vegetablestoxoplasmosis
1 month must be done, retest no later than 3 months, confirmed fail by 6 monthshearing screen
check hearing and communicationstarting at 2 months and every well check
0.2 - 1.4normal bili levels
above 5 to see; assess in sunlightjaundice
15 and abovestart photo rx
umbilicus to kneesneed photo rx
palms solesabove 15 and need to start photo rx
25 and aboveneed transfusion
increase in bili 0.5 mg/hr an hourvery concerning
after 24 hours, peaks 48hrs, resolves 5 daysphysiologic jaundice
rhogam26-28 weeks and within 72 hours of delivery
most common in daycare and winter monthsrotavirus
#1 cause of gastroenteritis worldwide, watery, sometimes bloodrotavirus
#1 bacerial cause, watery, profuse, bloody, foul odorcamplyobacter jenjuni
#1 cause in daycare and is a parasite, watery and greasygardia lamblia
most common cause of dysentary world wide, watery yellow-green mucoid and bloody. TREAT with abxshigella
loose, slimy green, bloody, spoiled egg odorsalmonella
watery, large, explosive, positive for bloodecoli 57H7 strain
vomiting and diarrhea first than abdominal paingastroenteritis
abdominal pain first then vomiting and diarrheaappendicitis
up to 5%mild dehydration
up to 5-10%moderate dehydration
10-15%severe dehydration, HR increase, BP decrease, pulse decrease
8 hours no urine output severe dehydration ininfant
12 hours no urine output severe dehydrationchildren
PH bicarboniate and serum C02 criticalinfants with dehydration
increase in bands and wbcacute gastroenteritis
positive for blood, mucous or pus must checkC+S and O+P
hemolytc uremic syndromecan cause if bacterial diarrhea if treated with abx = release toxins
breakdown RBCs, renal failure, thyromobcytopeniahemolytic uremic syndrome
under 3 months of age or immunocompromisedtreat with abx for bacterial diarrhea
above 10% weight loss AND hemodynamic instabilityIV hydration needed
decrease amounts of breast milk but offer more oftengastroenteritis
mild dehydration50 mg/kg every 4-6 hours
moderate dehydration100 mg/kg every 4-6 hours
matinance dehydration100mg/kg/24 hours
sodium75-90 mmol
complex carbs, yogurt, lean meats, vegetablesall firm stools
rice, wheat, potatoesgood with gastroenteritis
large amount of gas and watery stool, + pain on rectal examclassic appendicitis
RLQ pain with extension of right hippsoas sign
RLQ pain when pressure to LLQrosvings sign
pain with internal rotation of right hipobturator sign
US showing edema/inflammationdonut sign
currant jelly stool, sausage shaped mass in RUQintussuception
olive shaped masspyloric stenosis
pancreatic enzymes, fat souble vitamins, high protein and calorie supplementcystic fibrosis
soy-based formulaslactose intolerant
antacids, anticonvulsants, antidpressents, psychotropicsall constipating
school aged most affected and rare organic causeconstipation
white bread, sugar cereal, cookiesavoid with constipation
fruits, grains, vegetables, breads, nuts, seedsgood for constipation
no corn syrup in infantsincreases c-diff
barley malt extract 1-2 teaspoons bidinfant
dilute pear, prune, apple juice in bottle newborn constipationsorbitol helps
not until 4 months and olderlactulose
1 year and older treat constipationMOM, colace, meatmucil, senna syrup
stop if + abdominal painsenna syrup
OTC laxatives, frequent stimulants or supposutoriesnot recommended for constipation
dissimpact, establish bowel habits, prevent with senna syrup or mineral oilencopresis

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