Tuesday 4 kidney and adolescent

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chalky white lines, cutting edges of perminant teethmild fluorosis
dark staining and pitting of perminent teethsevere fluoriss
greying of teethtetracycline
malignant renal and intraabdominal tumornephroblastoma aka Wilms Tumor
increased in AA, males, left side and peaks at age threenephroblastoma aka Wilms Tumor
abdominal swelling does NOT cross midlinenephroblastoma aka Wilms Tumor
firm, NOT tender, you should NOT palpatenephroblastoma aka Wilms Tumor
+ hematuria, HTN, fever and weight lossnephroblastoma aka Wilms Tumor
highest survival rate of all childhood cancersnephroblastoma aka Wilms Tumor
immune inflammatory responce of kidneys to GABHS infectionpost-strep glomerulonephritis
most common form of glomerulornephritis in kidspost-strep glomerulonephritis
tea colored urine/gross hematuria, oliguria, periorbital edema, HTN, look seriously illpost-strep glomerulonephritis
activates the compliment in the glomerular membranepost-strep glomerulonephritis
hospitalization for any child withpost-strep glomerulonephritis
+ RBC casts, leukocytes, 2+ protein, anemia, low sodium high potassium, ASO positivepost-strep glomerulonephritis
low na diet, daily weights, measure UO, f/u in 2-3 daysmild post-strep glomerulonephritis outpatient management
most common cause of acute renal failure Hemolytic uremic syndrome
anemia, thrombocytopenia, renal failureHUS
inappropriate weight gain, edemaacute nephroctic syndrome

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12-16 yearsearly/middle adolescent
17-21late adolecent
genital stageearly middle adolescent
identiy vs role confusionearly middle adolescent
abstract operationsearly middle adolescent
peak height volicty and maximum growhtearly middle adolescent
greatest child conflictearly middle adolesct
limited ability to think abstractlyearly middle adolescent
formal operationallate adolescent
decreased parent conflictslate adolescent
better abstract thinkerslate adolescent
handles emotions betterlate adolescent
express anger outwardlyearly adolescent

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girls 10-1438.5 lbs
boys 12-1652 lbs
girls 10-148.1 inches
boys 12-1611 inches
hands and feet grow firstthen limbs shoulders, trunk and pelvis
2 standard deviations below mean: short staturemale: under 5'4 female: uner 4'11

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growth follows a consistent curve but under 5% do NOT reach adult height on average no intervention is neededfamilial short stature
average height at birth but slows after adoelscent and puberty spirt are delayed but WILL reache adult height just later on. One or both parents had this tooconstitutional short stature
2 SDs above accelerated growth
kleinfelterssmall penis, testes, normal pubic hair
marfanlong figners toes, hyper joints

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no pubic hair or breastsfemale tanner I
breast budding, aerola enlarges, elevated papilla, sparse downy pubic hair along labiafemale tanner II
enlargement of breast and aerola but NO seperation of countours, coarser curlier PH spreads to pubic bonefemale tanner III
projection of aerola, forms a 2nd mound, adult PH but not spread to thighsfemale tanner IV
increased breast size to adult and pubic hair to adult to thighsfemale tanner V

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testicle or pubic hair nonemale tanner I
elarge scrotum and tests, scrotal growth skin red, sparse downy hair base of penismale tanner II
increase growth of testes penis ELONGates, darker coarser PH to middle pubic bonemale tanner III
increase lenght and width of penis, + rugae, PH adult but not to thighsmale tanner IV
adult shape and apperance, adult PH to thighsmale tanner V

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6 months prior to pubic hair femalebreast development
6 months prior to pubic hair maletesticular development
peak height veolcity females ageage 12
peak height velocity males ageage 14
PHV females SMRbreast tanner IV, PH III
menarache age12.5 years
menarche SMRbreast IV-V, pubic hair: IV
spermarche age13.5-14.5 years
nocturnal emissions14.5 years; tanner III
axillary hair Tanner IV when pubic hair starts
axillary hairthen facial hair
self breast exam 14-16 years
self testicle exam14-16 years
gynocomastiacommon tanner 2-3 and can be unilateral