Troubleshooting Networks

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Question Answer
No network connectivity• Check for link light • Ping loopback ( • Ping local IP address • Ping default gateway • Ping devices on router’s other side
Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)• A link-local address • IETF has allocated through • Automatically assigned
Limited or no connectivity• Windows alert in the system tray (“Limited or No connectivity”, “No Internet Access”) • Check the local IP address • If DHCP address is obtained, perform the ping tests
Intermittent connectivity• Check the system tray for broken LAN icons or messages • May be a problem with the switch or wireless access point
IP conflicts• Windows will identify a duplicate • Two identical IP addresses will conflict • Reboot or reset the network adapter
Slow transfer speeds• Router or infrastructure congestion • Speed and duplex incompatibility • Hardware issue with the adapter • Malware infection
Low RF wireless signal• Interference - Something else is using our frequency • Signal strength - Check the signal and antenna locations • Incorrect channel - Usually automatic, try tuning manually • Bounce and latency - Multipath interference; flat surfaces • Incorrect access point placement (Locate close to the users)
Wireless interference• Predictable (Florescent lights, microwave ovens, etc.) • Unpredictable (Multi-tenant building) • Measurements (Signal strength, Performance Monitor)
SSID not found• Too far away (Local networks are “louder”) • Wireless router has disabled SSID advertisements