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F. Sionil JoseHis writings espouse social justice and change to better the lives of average Filipino families.
F. Sionil JoseHe is one of the most critically acclaimed Filipino authors internationally, although much underrated in his own country because of his authentic Filipino English and his anti-elite views
Pedro BucanegBlind since birth
Pedro BucanegHe is the acknowledged author of the Ilocano epic Biag ni Lam-ang
Pedro Bucaneg He is considered the "Father of Ilocano literature."
Pedro BucanegHis surname is lent to the Bucanegan, the Ilocano equivalent of the Balagtasan.
Salvador P. Lopezwas the president of the University of the Philippines from 1969 to 1975.
Salvador P. LopezHe established a system of democratic consultation wherein decisions such as promotions and appointments were made through greater participation by faculty and administrative personne
Salvador P. LopezHe reorganized UP into the UP System.
Carlos BulosanHis best-known work today is the semiautobiographical America Is in the Heart
Carlos BulosanHe first gained fame for his 1943 essay on The Freedom from Want.
Ines Taccad CammayoHer works have been published in Sunday Times Magazine, Philippines Free Press, Graphic, Asia-Philippines Leader, and Focus Philippines.
Ines Taccad CammayoHer short stories are collected in Hear the Wind Turning and Other Stories which was published in 1991.
Fernando M. MaramagHe had a rich style and deep understanding of human nature – qualities which made his poetry appealing to all readers.
Fernando M. Maramaghis editorial writings “exerted great influence on the various phases of the Filipino way of life, particularly in its government, economics, education and politics,”
Francisco Balagtasone of the greatest Filipino literary laureates for his impact on Filipino literature.
Francisco BalagtasFlorante at Laura is regarded as his defining work.
Francisco Balagtasalso called Huseng Sisiw
Amado V. Hernandezwas a Filipino writer and labor leader who was known for his criticism of social injustices in the Philippines and was later imprisoned for his involvement in the communist movement.
Amado V. HernandezHe was the central figure in a landmark legal case that took 13 years to settle.
Jose P. RizalHe was a Filipino nationalist and polymath during the tail end of the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines.
Jose P. RizalHe is widely considered one of the greatest heroes of the Philippines
Edgar Calabia SamarHe has received the Palanca Awards for his poetry collections and futuristic fiction.
Edgar Calabia SamarHis award-winning children story Uuwi na ang Nanay Kong si Adarna has been adapted into play by Job Pagsibigan and was staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as part of The Virgin Labfest in July 2008.
Bo SanchezHe is known as the "Preacher in Blue Jeans
Bo SanchezHe publishes a magazine known as "Kerygma" which was translated into a television show at RPN 9
Bo SanchezHe also anchors the Gabay sa Biblia sa Radyo on Radio Veritas.
Merlinda Carulio Bobisher work integrates elements of the traditional culture of the Philippines with modern immigrant experience.
Abdon M. Balde Jr.He received his first literary award in 2003 and has since continued to win acclaim for his work.
Abdon M. Balde Jr.he is a councilor of the organization Lupon Sa Wika, a member of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and director of the Unyon ng mga Manunulat sa Pilipinas (UMPIL; English: Writers' Union of the Philippines).
Stevan JavellanaHe fought as a guerrilla during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. After World War II
Magdalena Jalandonionly wrote for publication purposes due to the male-dominated society at the time.
Heart Yngrida romance author from Precious Hearts Romances known for her novel series Drop-dead Playboys and St. Catherine University.
Heart YngridTwo of her novels entitled Love Is Only In The Movies and Love Me Again have been made as TV series
Diosdao G. AlesnaHis recognized pennames include Diody Mangloy, Rigor Tancredo, Reynaldo Lap, Buntia, La Roca, Melendres, and Flordeliz Makaluluoy.
Diosdao G. AlesnaHe created the Cebuano verse form "siniloy"
Vicente Sottowas the main author of the Press Freedom Law
Maria Gurrea MonasterioShe was Filipino Literature Ambassador in Spain
Maria Gurrea MonasterioShe founded the Círculo Hispano-Filipino de Madrid
Ian Casocotknown for his prizewinning short stories Old Movies, The Hero of the Snore Tango, Rosario and the Stories, and A Strange Map of Time.
Ian Casocotmaintains A Critical Survey of Philippine Literature
Francisco Alvaradoa noted playwright of zarzuela in LineyteSamarnon (Waray).
Vicente I. DeVeyrasuch a passionate love for his mother tongue that he spend his lifetime in a constant effort to awaken a similar love among his fellow Leytenos.
Vicente I. DeVeyraHe carries on his crusade for the Leyte-Samar tongue as editor of various vernacular newspapers.
Illuminado Lucentemember of the Sanghiran san Binisaya ha Samar ug Leyte (Academy of the Visayan Language of Samar and Leyte)
Illuminado LucenteHis most famous work is the poem An Iroy nga Tuna (The Motherland).
Emigdio Alvarez EnriquezHe wrote several short stories including The Blood on the Moon, A Tale of Two Houses and Cachil Kudarat.
Pete Lacabawas recognized for his coverage of the First Quarter Storm, an anti-Marcos movement, in 1970.
Pete Lacabafought President Ferdinand Marcos and his US-backed military dictatorship.
Pete Lacabapublished his poem "Prometheus Unbound" at Focus
Ricardo De Ungria he founded the Davao Writers Guild that eventually published the works of its members and held poetry readings in the different universities in the city
Ricardo De Ungriapublished DAGMAY, which was the first literary page in a local newspaper SunStar Davao in the island (
Salah Jubairauthor of the book on an insider’s account of the GRP-MILF peace process,
Salah Jubairr had been previously described as the pseudonym of an MILF official but he was never introduced to the public as Iqbal
Amina Rasuis a noted peace and human rights advocate and the director of the Philippine Council on Islam and Democracy (PCID).
Amina RasuShe has been a consultant of the World Bank, Arthur-Andersen-Philippines, ILO and several other organizations in the Middle East and in North Africa.
Jose Corazon De JesusHe is also known by his pen name Huseng Batute
Jose Corazon De Jesuswas a Filipino poet who used Tagalog poetry to express the Filipinos' desire for independence during the American occupation of the Philippines
Jose Corazon De JesusHe is best known for being the lyricist of the Filipino song Bayan Ko. Buhay Huseng Batute was born on November
Carlos P. RomuloPhilippines, a general in the US Army and the Philippine Army, university president, President of the UN General Assembly, was eventually named one of the Philippines' National Artists in Literature
Jose Garcia VillaHe is known to have introduced the "reversed consonance rhyme scheme" in writing poetry
Jose Garcia Villaknown as the Comma Poet.

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Question Answer
Region I - Ilocos Region F. Sionil Jose
Region I - Ilocos Region Pedro Bucaneg
Region I - Ilocos Region Salvador P. Lopez
Region I - Ilocos Region Carlos Bulosan
Region II - Cagayan ValleyInes Taccad Cammayo
Region II - Cagayan ValleyFernando M. Maramag
Region III - Central LuzonFrancisco Balagtas
Region III - Central LuzonAmado V. Hernandez
Region IV - CALABARZON & MIMAROPAEdgar Calabia Samar
Region V - Bicol RegionMerlinda Carulio Bobis
Region V - Bicol RegionAbdon M. Balde Jr.
Region V - Bicol RegionAzucena Uranza
Region VI - Western VisayasStevan Javellana
Region VI - Western VisayasMagdalena Jalandoni
Region VI - Western VisayasPeter Solis Nery
Region VI - Western VisayasLeoncio P. Deriada
Region VII - Central VisayasHeart Yngrid
Region VII - Central VisayasDiosdao G. Alesna
Region VII - Central VisayasVicente Sotto
Negros Island RegionMaria Gurrea Monasterio
Negros Island RegionElsa Martinez Coscolluela
Negros Island RegionIan Casocot
Negros Island RegionRowena Tiempo Torrevillas
Region VIII - Eastern VisayasFrancisco Alvarado
Region VIII - Eastern VisayasVicente I. DeVeyra
Region VIII - Eastern VisayasIlluminado Lucente
Region IX - Zamboanga PeninsulaEmigdio Alvarez Enriquez
Region X - Northern MindanaoPete Lacaba
Region XI - Davao RegionRicardo De Ungria
Region XII - SOCCKSARGENSalah Jubair
Region XIII - CARAGAAmina Rasul-Bernardo
National Capital RegionJose Corazon De Jesus
National Capital RegionCarlos P. Romulo
National Capital RegionJose Garcia Villa

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Question Answer
F. Sionil JoseRosales Saga novels
F. Sionil JosePo-on (Dusk) (1984)
F. Sionil JoseThe Pretenders (1962)
F. Sionil JoseMy Brother, My Executioner (1973)
Pedro BucanegBiag ni Lam-Ang Translation
Pedro BucanegDoctrina Cristiana translation in Ilocano
Salvador P. LopezLiterature Society (1940)
Carlos BulosanAmerica Is in the Heart
Carlos BulosanMy Father's Tragedy
Carlos BulosanThe Romance of Magno Rubio
Ines Taccad CammayoHear the Wind Turning and Other Stories
Ines Taccad CammayoPeople of Consequences
Fernando M. MaramagMoonlight on Manila Bay
Fernando M. MaramagMy Queen Tagala
Fernando M. MaramagThe Atheist
Fernando M. MaramagA Christ Without a Cross
Francisco Balagtas Clara Belmore
Francisco Balagtas Abdol at Misereanan
Francisco Balagtas Alamansor at Rosalinda
Francisco Balagtas Rodolfo at Rosemonda
Francisco Balagtas Florante at Laura
Amado V. HernandezMga Ibong Mandaragit
Amado V. HernandezLuha Ng Buwaya
Jose P. RizalNoli Me Tangere
Jose P. RizalEl Filibusterismo
Jose P. RizalAlin Mang Lahi
Jose P. RizalThe Friars and the Filipinos
Jose P. RizalToast to Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo
Edgar Calabia SamarSi Janus Sílang at ang Tiyanak ng Tábon
Edgar Calabia SamarEight Muses of the Fall
Edgar Calabia SamarSa Kasunod ng 909
Edgar Calabia SamarWalong Diwata ng Pagkahulog
Edgar Calabia SamarIsa na Namang Pagtingala sa Buwan
Bo SanchezHow To Live A Life Of Miracles: 7 Keys To Open Yourself To Blessings, Wholeness & Happiness (2008)
Bo Sanchez40 Stories of Passion: Learn from 40 Ordinary People How to Make Your Life Extraordinary Beautiful (2008)
Bo SanchezDon't Worry, Be Happy: 7 Secrets to Achieve Your Dreams and Enjoy Great Happiness Today
Bo SanchezHow To Conquer Your Goliaths: 7 Keys to Overcome Every Problem That Prevent You From Reaching Your Dreams (2009)
Bo Sanchez How to Turn Thoughts Into Things: Use the Law of the Harvest to Fulfill the Desires of Your Heart (2009)
Bo SanchezYou Can Make Your Life Beautiful: Discover a Simple Path to Happiness
Merlinda Carulio BobisWhite Turtle
Merlinda Carulio BobisThe Kissing
Merlinda Carulio BobisBanana Heart Summer
Merlinda Carulio BobisThe Solemn Lantern Maker
Merlinda Carulio BobisFish-hair Woman
Abdon M. Balde JrMga Pangarap at Pangitain
Abdon M. Balde JrSa Kagubatan ng Isang Lungsod
Azucena UranzaBamboo in the Wind
Azucena UranzaA Passing Season
Azucena UranzaFeast of the Innocents
Stevan JavellanaThe Tree of Peace and Transition.
Stevan JavellanaThe Sin of Father Anselmo
Stevan JavellanaTwo Tickets to Manila

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Question Answer
Magdalena JalandoniAng Guitara Anabella
Magdalena JalandoniAng Dalaga sa Tindahan
Magdalena JalandoniAng Kahapon ng Panay
Peter Solis NeryFirst Few Notes of a Green Symphony
Peter Solis NeryShy Evocations of Childhood
Peter Solis NeryA Loneliness Greater than Love
Peter Solis NeryFantasia
Peter Solis Nery100 Erotic Sonnets from the Hiligaynon
Peter Solis NeryThe Prince of Ngoyngoy
Leoncio P. DeriadaThe Day of the Locusts
Leoncio P. DeriadaThe Man Who Hated Birds
Leoncio P. DeriadaMaragtas: How Kapinangan Tricked Sumakwel Twice
Leoncio P. DeriadaMedea of Siquijor
Heart YngridDrop-dead Playboys
Heart YngridLove Is Only In The Movies
Heart YngridLove Me Again
Diosdao G. AlesnaAng Gahom sa Awit
Diosdao G. AlesnaKalimti ug Biyai
Diosdao G. AlesnaSi Kristo sa Balabag
Vicente SottoAng Suga
Vicente SottoAng Paghigugma sa Yutang
Vicente SottoAng Taban
Maria Gurrea MonasterioCuentos de Juana. Malay tales from Philippine Islands. Madrid: Prensa Española, 1943.
Maria Gurrea MonasterioA lo largo del camino. Poetry. Madrid: Círculo Filipino, 1954. Introduction by Federico Muelas. Drawings by Beatriz Figueirido.
Maria Gurrea MonasterioMás senderos. Poetry. Madrid: the author
Maria Gurrea MonasterioEn agraz. Poetry. Madrid: the autho
Elsa Martinez CoscolluelaKatipunera and Other Poems
Elsa Martinez CoscolluelaIn Time Being and Other Poems
Elsa Martinez CoscolluelaIn My Father's House
Ian CasocotFutureShock Prose: An Anthology of Young Writers
Ian CasocotOld Movies and Other Stories
Rowena Tiempo TorrevillasThree Times Three: Three Genres by Three Generations of Tiempo Women
Rowena Tiempo TorrevillasGeneric Dreams
Rowena Tiempo TorrevillasUpon the Willows and Other Stories
Rowena Tiempo TorrevillasThe Sea Gypsies Stay
Francisco AlvaradoHinagpis ng Isang TagaBayan
Francisco AlvaradoAng Sampagita
Francisco AlvaradoKaadlawon
Vicente I. DeVeyraMga Ambahan
Vicente I. DeVeyraHinugpung
Illuminado LucenteAn Iroy nga Tuna
Illuminado LucenteAn Duha nga Sportsmen
Illuminado LucenteBaga Durogas Ngan Baga Tinuod
Illuminado LucenteHangin Gad La
Emigdio Alvarez EnriquezHouses of Images
Emigdio Alvarez EnriquezThe Devil Power
Emigdio Alvarez EnriquezLabaw
Pete LacabaRizal sa Dapitan
Pete LacabaVictor Corpuz (writer)
Pete LacabaAngela Markado (screenplay)
Ricardo De UngriaR+A+D+I+O
Ricardo De Ungriam'mry wire
Ricardo De UngriaWaking Ice: Poems
Ricardo De UngriaNudes: Poems
Ricardo De UngriaBody English
Salah JubairThe Long Road to Peace: Inside the GRP-MILF Peace Process
Amina RasulBernardoBroken Peace? Assessment of the 1996 GRP-MNLF Peace Agreement
Jose Corazon De JesusIsang Punongkahoy
Jose Corazon De JesusAng Manok Kong Bulik
Jose Corazon De JesusAng Pagbabalik
Carlos P. RomuloI Saw the Fall of The Philippines
Carlos P. RomuloI See The Philippines Rise
Carlos P. RomuloMy Brother Americans
Carlos P. RomuloMother America
Jose Garcia VillaFootnote to Youth: Tales of the Philippines
Jose Garcia VillaHave Come, Am Here
Jose Garcia VillaCharlie Chan Is Dead
Jose Garcia VillaMany Voices