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Question Answer
A-HeFTisosorbide dinitrate + hydralazine effective in advanced heard failure (III, IV) in black patients compared to placebo
ATLAShigh-dose (30 mg) lisinopril more effective than low dose (2.5 or 5.0) in reducing combined mortality, CV events in CHF
DIGhigher serum digoxin (> 1.2 ng/mL) associated with increased mortality in MEN with CHF; lower (0.5 - 0.8 ng/mL) associated with reduced mortality
COMPANIONcardiac resynchronization therapy (+/- defib) + optimal medical therapy reduced all-cause death, hospitalization compared to OPT alone in CHF
DEFINITEtrend toward reducing all-cause mortality in pts w/ non-ischemic CM w/ prophylactic ICD (sudden death from arrhythmia) vs. standard pharmacotherapy (ACE inhibitor, beta blocker)
MADIT-I, IIprophylactic ICD in pts with MI, reduced EF more effective than conventional therapy for reducing all-cause mortality (although RRR varied b/w I and II; more trials required)
EPHESUSadj. eplerenone (aldosterone inhibitor) therapy reduced 30 day all-cause mortality in acute MI vs. placebo (+ standard medical in both); under cost-effectiveness threshold (spironolactone is less effective, but no comparisons exist to allow for replacement in this context)
RALESspironolactone reduced mortality, hospitalization in severe (EF < 35%) CHF - also improved NYHA fxl class
MERIT-HFmetoprolol reduced mortality at one year in CHF vs. placebo
COPERNICUScarvedilol reduced mortality, hospitalization in severe chronic heart failure (vs. placebo, + standard medical care in each)
BESTbucindolol does NOT reduce all-cause mortality in severe chronic heart failure, but does reduce mortality from CV causes and HF-related hospitalizations (vs. placebo)
CAPRICORNcarvedilol reduced mortality + morbidity caused by MI in pts w/ LVD (vs. placebo)
COMETcarvedilol (25 mg) more effective than metoprolol (50 mg) in lowering mortality in chronic HF - but metoprolol dose less than approved long-acting form, and not approved for HF (therefore is beta blockade comparable?), and was sponsored by COMET manufacturer