Trial Vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
to prove or to find someone not guiltyacquit
an officer (like a sheriff) who is in charge of maintaining order in a court of lawbailiff
to prove that someone is guiltyconvinct
a place where justice is administeredcourt
an accusation that someone has broken the lawcharge
an act or an action that is against the law or a failure to do what the law requirescrime
someone who has committed a crimecriminal
to question a witness called by the opposing sidecross-examine
a person against whom a charge is brought in a court of lawdefendant
pleading of the defendant in answer to charges against him or herdefense

Section 2

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to give something careful thoughtdeliberate
something that gives proofevidence
having done something wrongguilty
not guilty of a crimeinnocent
a rule made by a country, state, or town for the people therelaw
a person who represents other people in a court of lawlawyer
to give an answer for charges in courtplead

Section 3

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a method of doing something in a correct or orderly wayprocedure
someone who brings charges in court against someoneprosecutor
doubt that is fair or logical; based on facts and reason rather than on opinions or feelingsreasonable doubt
to state something under oathtestify
the examination and deciding of a case brought before a court of lawtrial
the decision made by a jury at the end of the trialverdict
someone who is called to testify before a court of lawwitness