Treatment procedures of the respiratory system

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antitussiveaka cough medicine; administered to prevent or relieve coughing
bronchodilatora medication that relaxes and expands the bronchial passages into the lungs
metered-dose inhaleradministers a specific amount of a medication such as a broncho-dilator in aerosol form
nebulizeran electronic device that pumps air or oxygen through a liquid medicine to turn it into a mist, which is inhaled by the patient
controller medicineslong-acting medications taken to prevent asthma attacks
quick-relief/rescue medicinestaken at the first sign of an asthma attack to dilate the airways and make breathing easier
endotracheal intubationthe passage of a tube through the mouth into the trachea to establish or maintain an open airway
functional endoscopic sinus surgerya procedure performed using an endoscope in which chronic sinusitis is treated by enlarging the opening between the nose and sinus
laryngectomythe surgical removal of the larynx
laryngotomya surgical incision into the the larynx, performed when the upper part of the airway is obstructed
septoplastythe surgical repair or alteration of parts of the nasal septum

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tracheostomythe surgical creation of a stoma into the trachea to insert a temporary or permanent tube to facilitate breathing
stomaa surgically created opening on a body surface
tracheotomya procedure in which an incision is made into the trachea to gain access to the airway below a blockage
pneumonectomythe surgical removal of all or part of a lung
lobectomythe surgical removal of a lobe or an organ, usually the brain, lung or liver
wedge resectiona surgery in which a small, wedge-shaped piece of cancerous lung tissue is removed, along with a margin of healthy tissue around the cancer
throacentesisa surgical puncture of the chest wall with a needle to obtain fluid from the pleural cavity. this procedure is performed to remove liquid or air from the pleural cavity
thoracotomya surgical incision into the chest walls to open the pleural cavity for biopsy or threatment
video-assisted thoracic surgerythe use of a thoracoscope to view the inside to the pleural cavity through a very small incision
thorascopea specialized endoscope used for treating the thorax

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diaphragmatic breathingaka abdominal breathing;a relaxation technique used to relieve anxiety
CPAP machinea noninvasive ventilation device used in the treatment of sleep apnea.
BiPAP machinecan be set at a higher pressure for inhaling and a lower pressure for exhaling
Ambu bagaka bag valve mask;an emergency resuscitatior used to assist ventilation
venitlatora mechanical device for artificial respiration that is used to replace or supplement the patient's natural breathing function
supplemental oxygenadministered when the patient is unable to maintain an adequate oxygen saturation level in the blood from breathing normal air
nasal cannulaa small tube that divides into tow nasal prongs
rebreather maskallows the exhaled breath to be partially reused, delivering up to 60% oxygen
non-rebreather maskallows higher levels of oxygen to added to the air taken in by the patient
hyperbaric oxygen therapyinvolves breathing pure oxygen in a special chamber that allows air pressure to be raised up to three times higher than normal

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