Treatment of mental disorders

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psychotropic drugacts primarily on the central nervous system where it produces temporary changes affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior;they are used to control pain, treat narcolepsy and attention disorders
antidepressantadministered to prevent or relieve depression; some also used to treat obsessive-compulsive and generalized anxiety disorders and to relieve chronic pain
antipsychotic drugto treat symptoms of severe disorders of thinking and mood that are associated with neurological and psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, mania, and delusional disorders
antixiolytic AKA tranquilizerused to temporarily relieve anxiety and to reduce tension
stimulantworks by increasing activity in certain areas of the brain to increase concentration and wakefulness
psychoanalysisbased on the idea that mental disorders have underlying causes stemming from childhood and con only be overcome by gaining insights into one's feeling and patterns of behavior
behavioral therapyfocuses on changing behavior by indentifying problem behaviors, replacing them with appropriate behaviors and using rewards or other consequences to make the changes
cognitive therapyfocuses on changing cognitions or thoughts that are affecting a person's emotions and actions; they are identified and then challenged through logic, gathering evidence, testing in action or a combination of these; the goal is to change problematic beliefs
hypnotherapythe use of hypnosis to produced an altered state of focused attention in which the patient may be more willing to believe and act on suggestions; used for pain relief, anxiety reduction and behavioral modification

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ADAlzheimer's disease
ALSamyotrophic lateral sclerosis
ADHDattention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
CPcerebral palsy
CSFcerebrospinal fluid
ICPintracranial pressure
LOC levels of consciousness OR loss of consciousness
LPlumbar puncture
MSmultiple sclerosis
OCDobsessive-compulsive disorder
PTSDpost-traumatic stress disorder
TIAtransient ischemic attakc