Travel Agent Ch.3

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Question Answer
When pax arrive at the airport, what are some features you can find at the airport?Parking, curbside assistance, Skycap [luggage & handler who are at the curbside]
What does immigration deal with?IDs and passports
Customs deal with?Luggages
Airport Management Operations of an airport
FBOsGround services and support
Airport Ancillary Service Consists of every other airport-related supplier [stores to restaurants]
Gov. Organizations FAA, TSA
What factors influence what you pay for a flight?If traveling on a full-coach fare, advance purchase, what class of service, where did you buy it, add-on taxes, what airports, flight route, time of flight, what airline, how many pax are traveling, and an international flight
CRSComputer Reservation System
GDSGlobal Distribution System
PNRPassenger Name Record [reservation systems record of a booking]
Confirmation #Usually a 6 digit number confirming a booking
E-TicketElectronic Tickets [exists only as a computer record]
WaitlistIf desired flight is fully booked, the traveler is asked to wait
Main distributor of airline ticketsTravel Agents
What are some add on's that airline charges pax?Checked luggage, meals, blankets, pillows, WiFi etc.
BumpedWhen a pax checks in for a flight at least 20 to 30 mins before departure but cannot be accommodated
True or False; Is smoking permitted?True; only on some airlines-mostly foreign ones