Travel Agent Ch.2

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Question Answer
Domestic ServiceFlies within the country
International ServiceFlies to different countries
FAAThe Federal Aviation Administration
ATAThe Air Transport Association [regulates ticketing]
ARCThe Airlines Reporting Corporation [distribution of tickets]
DOTDepartment of Transportation [works with transportation ep: cars and planes]
IATAThe International Airlines Travel Agent Network [they set standards for transportation]
IATANThe International Airlines Travel Agent Network [they make sure TA are legit]
TSAThe Transportation Security Administration [to make sure everything is okay]
Scheduled ServicePublished schedule/public list anyone can see it
Charter FlightsPrivate flights/schedule that is not to the public
Privately Owned JetAt time owned by businesses or important people
Fractional OwnershipMore than one owner
A Nonstop FlightFlying to point A to point B, with no stops
A Direct Flight
Connecting FlightFlying to point A to point B, with a stop somewhere and a different plane
One-way Flight ItineraryOne way ticket
Round-trip Flight Itinerary Flying to point A to point B and returning to point A
Open-jaw Flight ItineraryFlying to point A, point B, and ending at point C
Circle Flight ItineraryFlying to point A, point B, point C, and ending at point A
Domestic HubsThey handle most domestic flights
International HubsThey feature flights to other countries
Atlanta HubDelta
Charlotte, NC HubUS Airways
ChicagoAmerican, United
Salt Lake CityDelta
Wide Body Aircraft2 pax aisle, can carry over 200 pax
Narrow Body Aircraft1 pax aisle, carries fewer than 200 pax
PitchDistance between seat rows [aka; leg room]
Seat WidthAverage seat width, 17 to 18 inches
First ClassFront of the plane, food/drinks, pillows, headphones, entertainment, and hot towels
Coach Class[aka; economy class] peanuts/cookies, soda
BulkheadDividing wall within the cabin that provides support
True or False; Business Class is only for people traveling for business?False
Exit RowsWhere the emergency exits are located
AAAmerican Airlines
UAUnited Airlines
USUS Airways
WNSouthwest Airlines
B6Jet Blue Airlines
NKSpirit Airlines
SYSun Country Airlines
Commercial FlightSeats where have been sold by an airline to the public.
Code-sharingWhen an airline uses the code of another carrier for a scheduled flight.
Red-eye FlightOvernight flight
Interline AgreementAgreement between two airlines
GatewayCity/airport that serves an airline as it s departure/arrival point for international flights
Yield Management
FAFlight attendant
MechanicalWhen flight is canceled because of a problem on the aircraft