Trauma Eponyms

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Trauma eponyms

Question Answer
Ashurst signDiminished overlap of anterior tibial tubercle and medial 2/3 of distal fibula seen on AP ankle
Aviator's astragalusfracture-dislocation of talar neck from forced dorsiflexion
Bosworth fxFibular fracture is locked behind posterolateral ridge of tibia, making closed reduction impossible
Tubercle of Chaputanterolateral tubercle of distal tibia (anterior malleolus)
Cooperman fxSalter-Harris IV (triplane) epiphyseal fx
Distal tibial physis closes _____ to _____, allowing triplane fx to occurmedial to lateral
Cotton fracturetrimal fx
Dupuytren fxPER 3 (not all the way to 4!)
Hawkins signRadiolucency in the subchondral talar dome 6-8 wks following neck fx on ankle AP. Rules out impending AVN
Jones fxmetaphyseal-diaphyseal junction 5th MT fx; Stewart 1
Maisonneuve fxproximal fibular fx (spiral)
Poland's humpanteromedial tibial epiphysis "humps up" superiorly to join the metaphysis in peds
Pott fxbimal fx
Ring of Lacroixoverlying fibrous structure that stabilizes the epiphysis to the metaphysis
Shepherd fxposterolateral tubercle of talus fx
Thurston-Holland signSalter-Harris II; spike of metaphyseal bone attached to fractured epiphysis
Tillaux fxSalter-Harris III - anterior malleolus fx
Volkmann fxposterior mal fx
Volkmann's tubercleposterior malleolus
Wagstaff fxvertical fx of the lateral malleolus; sort of an avulsion of the fibula by the syndesmosis
Zone of Ranvierprovides appositional growth at the periphery of the epiphyseal plate

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