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How many IFs what size complex and how many polypeptides1.75MDa 12X IFs 30 polypeptides
Why should expression be controlled at transcriptional levelFine tuning- cooperative, Rapid adjustment of protein conc, Occur at distal locations Dendrites, Transcritpional conrol not possible in early devo
How much does translational control contibute to gene exp?Schwanhausser 2011 simultaneously measured absolute mRNA and protein abundance and turnover by parallel metabolic pulse labelling for more than 5,000 genes in mammalian cells (mouse Nih3t) approx 40%
How in the Schwannhauser exp were abundances calculated?Transcriptomix w/ pulse labelled RNA biotynilated and seq. Proteins SILAC Stable isotope labelling amino acid culture + MASS spec
What are the two steps in 48S formation ?40S sub unit priming with Eifs and RNA loading
What is eIF2s function?Heterotrimeric GTPase which binds initiator when GTP bound. GAP =eIF5
What occurs in the absence of 1 + 1A Ribosomes load but stall close to the 5' CAP
How long can a uORF be?<100aa's
What sub units does eIF5b displace?1,3, eiF2-GDP, 5
What is displaced upon sub unit joining?eiF5b+ 1A
What evidence is there to suggest scanning not strictly linear?2X optimal AUGs in proximity are discriminated between poorly
What normally occurs to Met initiator Cleaved by MetAP if a small residue adjacent
What forms the latch b/w Ribosomal 40S domains?rRNA interactions that are displaced by 1A +1
What range in translational efficiencies is thier?100x GNC4 towards lower end
What region around Start site is protected by the ribosome?-12 +18
What sequence elements in uORF 1 help reinit in GCN4?AU Rich sequences surrounding the STOP codon interact with eIF3 and stablise its ass w/ RNA.

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