Transitional justice quotes

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bass 2005victims want punishment
goodman 2006colombian gov 22000 fighters
Irene Kahnchronic problem of immunity in Colombia
gloppen 2005retribution victims attain closure
Long & Brecke 2003retributive creates resentment
three committies of the TRC south africahuman rights violations committee, Reperation and Rehabilitation committee, Amnesty committee
Human Rights Violations Committeeinvestigation of human rights abuses
Reparations and Rehabilitation committee restoring victims dignity, assist rehabilitation
Amnesty committeeconsidered individuals for amnesty
Gibson 2006other side was also unfairly victimized

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gibson 2006pentrated society, blame to all parties, non retributive
Stanley 2001no real change in social conditions, those implicated by TRC still in positions of power, south africa has one of the highest crimes rates in the world