Transdermal DD Systems

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Question Answer
Transdermaldiffusion through the skin into systemic circulation
Percutaneousthrough a port/hole in the skin (PowerPort, insulin pump)
Advantages of TDD SystemsReduce first pass, sustain therapeutic levels, easy to self-administer, no needles/injections, cheap, lower infection risk
Disadvantages of TDD Systemspoor diffusion or large molecules, skin irritation, drug must be skin permeable
What drugs work best in TDD?small, hydrophobic drugs
Advantages of Percutaneous DD Systemsprogram any delivery rate, any drug, faster acting
Disadvantages of Percutaneous DD Systemschallenging for compliance, fragile, expensive
Microneedlesmicron sized arrays of needles, bypass layers of skin for diffusion
Osmotically controlled devicesWater enters through semi-permeable membrane, Osmotic agent expands, pushes outward because of RIGID housing, Drug is forced out of delivery orifice
Why do we need drug eluting stents?Restenosis, Intimal Hyperplasia
Restenosisclot reforms, need drug that prevents that
Intimal Hyperplasiadamage lumen of blood vessel, unchecked proliferation of smoooth muscle cells into lumen
Two types of drugs used in drug-eluting stentsimmunosuppressive, chemotherapeutic