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Enzyme converts genetic information in a segment of double stranded DNA Into an RNA strand with a base sequence complementary to one of the DNA strandsTranscription
There are three kinds of RNA producedmRNA, tRNA, rRNA
Encode AA sequence of one or more polypeptidesmRNA
Read the information encoded in the mRNA and transfer the appropriate AA to the growing polypeptidetRNA
Are constituents of ribosomes, site of protein synthesisrRNA
The sum of all RNA molecules in a cell under a given set of conditions is called the cellular _________transcriptome
Builds RNA in the _________ --> ___5. 3
Does not require a primer; binds to specific sequences called promoters

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Specific sequences within DNA that direct (promote) the transcription of certain genespromoters
Synthesis starts with ______inititation
______ binds to promoter (DNA is still double-strandedRNA polymerase
The________ dissociatessigma unit
_______ competes with sigma subunit NusA
NusA allows for elongation
Regulation is directed towards minimizing ________initiation
_______ are proteins that block the synthesis of RNA at specific genesRepressors
_______ Transcribes pre-ribosomal RNARNA polymerase 1
________ Transcribes mRNAs RNA polymerase II
Polymerase II requires other proteins called ________transcription factors
Transcribes tRNAsRNA Polymerase III
Catalytic RNAs that process a primary transcript (newly synthesized RNA) to form a mature mRNARibozymes
Noncoding tracts that break up the coding region ____ of the transcript are called ______exons, introns
A cap is added at the 5' end
The 3’ end is cleaved and 80-250 A residues are added to create a _______poly (A) tail
A residue of ______ linked to the 5’-terminal residue of the mRNA through a 5’,5’-triphosphate linkage7-methylguanosine
What does 5-cap help do?Protect the RNA from ribonucleases
Splicing Group I requires a ______ or _________guanine nucleoside, nucleotide cofactor
Nucleophile of first step is the 2’-hydroxyl group of an A residue within the intronGroup II
mRNA cleaved by______ endonuclease
A residues are added by ____polyadenylate polymerase
_______ rRNAs arise from a single 30S RNA precursor16 S, 23 S, 5S
______: removes RNA at the 5’ end of the RNARNAse P
_____: removes RNA at the 3’ endRNase D

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